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This is a RHP vs. RHH matchup.

Pitch Count Freq Velo (mph) pfx HMov (in.) pfx VMov (in.)
Fourseam (FA)1829%94.35-4.3810.04
Sinker (SI)1117%94.64-8.455.98
Cutter (FC)23%91.400.496.74
Slider (SL)3149%82.788.54-1.15
Curveball (CU)12%74.876.70-5.82

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1. 2012-06-07 [Single] FA(97) FA(95) SI(94)
2. 2012-07-01 [Strikeout] FA(96) SL(84) FA(97) SI(94) SL(83) SL(83)
3. 2012-07-01 [Strikeout] SI(95) SI(97) FA(97) SI(98) SL(86)
4. 2012-07-01 [Double] SL(85) SI(97)
5. 2013-05-21 [Flyout] SL(81) SL(83) SI(91)
6. 2013-05-21 [Home Run] FC(91)
7. 2013-05-21 [Strikeout] SL(84) SL(83) SL(83) SL(83) SL(86)
8. 2013-06-18 [Strikeout] FA(95) SI(96) SL(84)
9. 2013-06-18 [Strikeout] SL(81) SL(82) FA(95)
10. 2013-06-18 [Walk] SI(93) SI(93) SL(81) SI(93)
11. 2013-09-04 [Walk] SL(82) FA(93) FA(93) FA(93)
12. 2013-09-04 [Strikeout] SL(82) SL(82) FA(92) SL(84)
13. 2013-09-04 [Strikeout] SL(80) SL(81) SL(79) CU(75) SL(82)
14. 2013-09-14 [Strikeout] SL(82) FA(94) FC(92) SL(83) SL(83) FA(94) SL(84)
15. 2013-09-14 [Pop Out] SL(81) FA(94)
16. 2013-09-14 [Strikeout] FA(93) SL(83) FA(95) SL(85) FA(92) FA(95)