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This is a RHP vs. LHH matchup.

Pitch Count Freq Velo (mph) pfx HMov (in.) pfx VMov (in.)
Fourseam (FA)1226%92.80-5.818.74
Sinker (SI)1123%93.06-8.676.63
Cutter (FC)613%88.720.364.38
Slider (SL)12%84.982.66-1.94
Curveball (CU)12%81.45-0.39-1.82
Changeup (CH)1634%83.12-6.632.02

Detailed Matchups:
1. 2010-06-07 [Groundout] FA(92) SI(92) FC(87) SI(93) FC(88)
2. 2010-06-07 [Forceout] FA(93) CH(82) FA(92) CH(82)
3. 2010-06-07 [Flyout] FA(94) CH(85) SI(95)
4. 2011-07-31 [Pop Out] SI(93) SI(93) FA(93)
5. 2011-07-31 [Groundout] CH(85) CH(84) FC(92)
6. 2011-07-31 [Flyout] FA(92) FA(92) SL(85)
7. 2012-06-28 [Flyout] SI(92) FA(91)
8. 2012-06-28 [Runner Out] SI(93) CH(83)
9. 2012-06-28 [Groundout] CH(82) CH(81) FA(92) CH(81) SI(94)
10. 2012-06-28 [Double] SI(93) CH(82) FA(92) FA(94) CH(85) CH(83) CH(85) CH(83) CH(83)
11. 2014-06-27 [Field Error] CU(81)
12. 2014-06-27 [Single] SI(94) FC(89)
13. 2014-06-27 [Pop Out] CH(83) FC(87) FC(89) FA(96) SI(93)