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March 20, 2002

March Madness: Has Selig Gone Too Far This Time?

by Doug Pappas

March 13, 2002

Prospectus Feature: The Numbers (Part Seven): Interest-ing

by Doug Pappas

As noted in my last column, operating losses account for only $232 million of the $519 million Major League Baseball claims to have lost in 2001. Another $112,491,000 represents net interest expenses. Here's how the interest was distributed.

The Numbers (Part Seven): Interest-ing

by Doug Pappas

February 4, 2002

The Numbers (Part Six): Profits and Revenue Sharing

by Doug Pappas

January 24, 2002

The Numbers (Part Five): National and Other Local Expenses

by Doug Pappas

January 12, 2002

The Numbers (Part Four): Player Compensation

by Doug Pappas

December 20, 2001

The Numbers (Part Three): More Revenue

by Doug Pappas

December 12, 2001

The Numbers (Part Two): Local Media Revenues

by Doug Pappas

December 7, 2001

The Numbers (Part One): Gate Receipts

by Doug Pappas

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