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September 7, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 65: Kickety-Flip, Flippety-Kick

by Kevin Goldstein

Jason moved into his new place in Mexico City and discovered that his internet connection was well, kind of horrible. So no Jason this week as I'm joined by best friend of the podcast Jorge Arangure of ESPN as we talk about some September call ups, everything awful with the Dodgers and how things really work in the Dominican Republic (he should know, he's writing a book about it). Our special guest is Josh Boyd, the Director of Pro Scouting for the Texas Rangers, and our listener of the week selected tawdry photos for the glossy pages of Us Weekly. Then it's the goofy stuff, including a pop culture moment that brought me untold joy.

September 1, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 64: Tales of Juan, Tales of #want

by Kevin Goldstein

A brief (ok, for us) show in which we go through your email, talk about non-existent playoff races, what makes and MVP and show some tentative excitement about the Arizona Fall League. Then we talk to Marlins beat writer Juan C. Rodriguez about the future of baseball in south Florida and wraps things up with some tales from Mexico. As always, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.

August 25, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 63: Here's The Tamale Guy!

by Kevin Goldstein

For the first time since Episode 0.9 we do the show with Jason in Mexico City. There's plenty of fun, plenty of prospect talk, a long discussion of the Cubs general manager job, how the Blue Jays are the new flavor of the month and then we get serious, talking to Rany Jazayerli about Syria. As always, we hope you enjoy.

August 17, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 62: You Guys Tricky

by Kevin Goldstein

Jason returns to the show and establishes his presence with authority with tales from the bodega, specially Juan Deli. But before the goofy stuff, we talk about why Logan Morrison's demotion really isn't that big of a deal, discuss Jim Thome's tremendous face and get into a long bit on outfield prospects. Then we are joined by special guest Jim Callis of Baseball America to discuss what happened and what didn't at Monday's signing deadline, and if there is any way to fix it, or if it even needs fixing. As always, we hope you enjoy.

August 11, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 61: My Dad Is The Lemonade King

by Kevin Goldstein

It's a sad day when Jason can't do the show, but our own Jay Jaffe fills in admirably as we talk about this signing deadline, A.J. Burnett and the mysterious men in white in Toronto. Matt Leach from MLB.com joins us to discuss why the Cardinals just might be the most annoying team in baseball (except to Cardinals fans), and our listener of the week is an Ivy League philosophy and math brainiac who just finished 98th in the main event of the World Series of Poker.

August 3, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 60: The Point Is What I Was Right About

by Kevin Goldstein

Last week was our Trade Deadline special, so guess what we talk about this week? Yup, a whole bunch of trades that went down, as well as a discussion about covering the deals. Then we talk to former Dodgers general manager Dan Evans about his career and transitioning into the world of player representation, followed by the return of the producer and director of the fantastic film Cold Weather, to go with a listener contest where you can win a copy of the newly released DVD of the film. As always, we hope you enjoy.

July 27, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 59: It's An Implied Moustache

by Kevin Goldstein

It's a Trade Deadline and Debt Crisis special all in one! No wonder we almost hit the three hour mark. We read your emails, talk plenty of trades and then bring in ESPN's Buster Olney to help figure out what's going to happen, that our official news correspondent, Lincoln Mitchell explains the debt crisis to us, and our listener of the week, Dr. Million (I did not make that up) the astrophysicist explains how this debt mess could hinder the cause of science and what you can do to help. We also talk about hugs.

July 20, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 58: The Cool Don't Mind Being Cool

by Kevin Goldstein

We go from guest free to guest packed, as Rays special assistant Rocco Baldelli joins us to talk about his playing career, its untimely end, and transitioning into scouting. Then it's Qamar Zaman, who made quite a name for himself by quitting his indy league play-by-play job on the air. As always, we have emails, plenty of prospect talk, and the goofy stuff at the end, and hope you enjoy the show.

July 14, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 57: As Long As People Have Distinct Toes

by Kevin Goldstein

After a one week hiatus, we return with some much to talk about that we decided to go guest free. Plenty of Futures Game talk, Jason's adventures in Arizona, and of course, ribs and sandals.

June 29, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 56: Death Rattle Of A Marionette

by Kevin Goldstein

Sure there's lots of baseball and prospect talk, but you also get an education on exactly what's going on with the Dodgers from Josh Fisher of DodgerDivorce.com, and we talk about television, writing and a certain 2012 draft prospect with Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. I also force my dog to make noises. What else could you ask for?

June 23, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 55: There's A Catfight! Hold on!

by Kevin Goldstein

We think every episode is good, but this one especially so. Our special guest is Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, our listener of the week, Professor Matt Sienkiewicz talks to us about the Middle East and the merits of Sylvester Stallone's First Blood, and I respond to Toronto's general manager Alex Anthopolous being so angry. Obviously, there's lots of other stuff too which is why the show is so damn long, and as always, we hope you enjoy.

June 15, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 54: That Didn't Sound Like A Cold Sip

by Kevin Goldstein

We read emails from exotic places, we rank reliever and catcher prospects, we preview the College World Series with Will Kimmey of ESPN, we have our second straight listener of the week named Juan, and Jason hurt his back.

June 9, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 53: Good Luck In Your World Of Dairy

by Kevin Goldstein

We talk to Keith Law about the draft, we solve the beer temperature debate with a science guy, we talk about Bryce Harper and pitching prospects, and we do it all in under three hours. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you have free time.

June 1, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 52: You're Defying Physics Now

by Kevin Goldstein

Draft preview, Jim Callis of Baseball America and a call for an expert in the field of thermodynamics. What else can we really do at this point?

May 26, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 51: It's The Duchamp Urinal!

by Kevin Goldstein

No big guests or blow out celebration of an anniversary, just Jason and I babbling about baseball and reading emails from the crazy wing of our listeners. As always, we hope you enjoy.

May 18, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 50: You Do Want To Be A Ferris Wheel!

by Kevin Goldstein

We could get all flowery with words here, but it's the one-year anniversary show, and we got Scott Boras and Jose Altuve. 'Nuff said.

May 11, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 49: It's Hot And I Have A Cake In The Oven

by Kevin Goldstein

And another Jason and Kevin gabfest is here. Why do we love email so much? Because we'd never come up with the idea to talk about Jason Neighborgall on our own, but here we are. After all the fun correspondence, we get down to business and talk about all of the big name prospects who reached the big leagues last week and then get in an argument about whether the Royals did the right thing by calling up Eric Hosmer in early May. Our special guest is Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle, who talks about the not-so-happy state of baseball in Houston, and then we do the goofy stuff. As always, we hope you enjoy.

May 4, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 48: An Alien Of Extraordinary Ability

by Kevin Goldstein

Another week, another two-plus hours of Jason Parks and myself rambling. It's a pitching heavy podcast as we take emails on mechanics, tipping and velocity, before getting into a longer discussion about what makes a good fastball (it's not just velocity). The it's our much anticipated listener of the week, Kent The FBI guy. Forty-five minutes later we're still not quite sure what he does, but it certainly was interesting. Due to popular demand, Not Jim Tracy returns to break down the first month of the 2011 season, and then it's the goofy stuff with Portal 2 talk and more adventures on the stage. As always, we hope you enjoy.

April 27, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 47: Fully Grown Cheerleaders

by Kevin Goldstein

Oh, where does the time go? Nothing seemed especially long, but when you add it all up, it's nearly three hours. We have plenty of good email to go through, and talk about some recent things we have written, but the highlights as always, are the guests. First off, we have Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times in what was intended to only be a talk about the Frank McCourt situation, but turned into a more fascinating talk about the state of the modern Los Angeles Dodgers and one of those subjects that writers try to avoid: race. Then it's the return my mom, and she talks about a variety of subjects, as always. Then it's the goofy stuff, and then it's mercifully over. As always, we hope you enjoy.

April 21, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 46: Mr. Drummond Is Bad News

by Kevin Goldstein

It's another podcast, you know the drill. We do emails, we talk about Matt Purke, Mike Leake and when your favorite prospect is getting to the big leagues, and then we have a fascinating talk with Clayton Hamilton, who pitches for the Yokohama BayStars. Interviews with stars are boring. Where else could you get tales of four-figure bonus negotiations, wrongly diagnosed injuries, dominating a beer league and playing during the big earthquake? Nowhere, that's where. Then it's the goofy stuff, with music and why this thing is a day late, yet certainly not a dollar short.

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