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6-4-3 column archives.


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January 31, 2003

6-4-3: Anonymous Friday

by Gary Huckabay


January 22, 2003

Premium Article 6-4-3: Maddux vs. Atlanta - Son of Big Exciting Contest

by Gary Huckabay

Most people have never been involved in any sort of arbitration procedure. Arbitration is a process that falls under the umbrella of ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution. When people have a dispute over a contract, payment, or other agreement that they can't or won't come to a settlement on, arbitration is one of the avenues, short of a civil court, that people use to resolve the dispute.

November 15, 2002

Premium Article 6-4-3: A Chat with Dave

by Gary Huckabay

Since the reader response was copious and positive last time I published a rambling conversation with "Dave", I thought you all might enjoy this. Sorry about the infrequent updates, but it is the offseason, and more importantly, the BP staff is up to their collective neck in writing Baseball Prospectus 2003. Thanks for your patience. Below is an encapsulated conversation between myself and a close friend who's an insightful guy and dedicated baseball fan. Since I've mentioned him before in this space, and he's fond of his privacy, we'll call him "Dave" for purposes of this column. Dave is not affiliated with BP. Obviously, this is paraphrased, but has been run by Dave to make sure everything's on the up and up as far as he's concerned. I hope you enjoy this edited transcript as much I as enjoyed the conversation. It's long, and it's rambling, so perhaps you should check it out in small bites.

November 8, 2002

6-4-3: Starvation Through Force Feeding

by Gary Huckabay

Despite what you may have heard or read over the past several years, the information age has yet to actually arrive in business. Not a single company in the Wilshire 2000 has done anything near optimize how their organizations acquire, process, generate, and use information. Hundreds of billions of dollars have gone into investments in information technology in enterprises of every shape and size throughout the world, but overall productivity gains have been marginal.

October 24, 2002

Premium Article 6-4-3: Whack a Mole

by Gary Huckabay

If you truly believe that Pete Rose does not belong in The Hall of Fame, then why don't you disassociate yourself from the game completely. Baseball's ultimate honor belongs to Rose whether you believe he gambled on baseball or not. To say otherwise is to live in a world of fantasy! -- JK This guy went back to a column I wrote in June, 2001 in which I discussed the Pete Rose situation, so clearly, what he lacks in logic and a moral compass, he makes up for in tenacity.

October 16, 2002

Premium Article 6-4-3: Versteckte Begeisterung

by Gary Huckabay

So the team I hate the most in MLB is in the World Series. The Giants, who give me a few moments of joy with every error, and a sustained grin for upwards of 30 seconds with each loss, have earned the right to battle Disney's Hustlin' White Guys� in the World Series. I should be beside myself with either disdain or apathy.

August 2, 2002

6-4-3: Reasonable Person Standard

by Gary Huckabay

Reasonable Person Standard

6-4-3: Reasonable Person Standard

by Gary Huckabay

July 26, 2002

6-4-3: Kenny Williams, A's Fan

by Gary Huckabay

The ESPN.com version of the wire story has the headline "White Sox send Durham to Athletics for prospect, cash." Um, no. Jon Adkins is 24, and had a career minor-league ERA of 4.13 coming into this season, during which he's been lit up in Sacramento, with an ERA that would fit neatly above the median for the Texas Rangers and peripheral numbers that do not hold much promise. Maybe Adkins will be the one guy in a thousand who breaks the mold and turns into a legitimate quality major leaguer. It's not likely, but you have to root for the guy.

July 19, 2002

6-4-3: Senor Schindler es el Bueno...

by Gary Huckabay

Regarding saving $160 million (or more) through prudent contract management, MS (and many others) writes: How on earth is Jeff Bagwell at $6.5 million a waste of a roster spot, time, money, etc.? Sure, his power numbers are way off, but he's got an 872 OPS, and baseball can't work that with the first signs of your best player ever showing a little decline, you release or trade him.... He's still an above-average offensive player, and bound to turn it around in the next couple of months.

July 12, 2002

6-4-3: How to Easily Save $160 Million

by Gary Huckabay

So how come the media, for the most part, doesn't connect the dots, and call GMs on the carpet more for some of these downright miserable signings?

June 28, 2002

6-4-3: Duality

by Gary Huckabay

Americans are big fans of cognitive dissonance. It's hard to identify a single segment of society that doesn't have a significant amount of hypocrisy.

June 21, 2002

6-4-3: Quality Control: Say what you like, just...

by Gary Huckabay

Let's check out the Florida State and California Leagues.

June 14, 2002

6-4-3: Czervik! The Musical

by Gary Huckabay

Drinking games!

May 24, 2002

6-4-3: Rounding the Bases

by Gary Huckabay

May 17, 2002

Premium Article 6-4-3: Gone Shootin'

by Gary Huckabay

Among longtime rabid fans, there's a kind of vague denial, wrapped around the idea that "there's no way they'd let 1994-95 happen again." With all due respect to those people, 1994-95 wasn't that bad for the owners or players. It was bad for addicts. I don't think I got rid of the shakes until about 1997. Baseball attendance recovered almost immediately, well before the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa show.

6-4-3: Gone Shootin'

by Gary Huckabay

May 10, 2002

Premium Article 6-4-3: Who Are These People Behind the Stained Glass Windows?

by Gary Huckabay

Anyway, let's go on to the minors. I apologize if there's not a lot of breadth here; I'm focusing on those guys who I've been able to talk to some scouts about, and I'll get to more over the course of the season. I'm concentrating on guys with some upside, or guys who, for some reason or other, are interesting because their level of performance may have changed.

6-4-3: Who Are These People Behind the Stained Glass Windows?

by Gary Huckabay

May 3, 2002

6-4-3: managing.com

by Gary Huckabay

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