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April 4, 2002

The Body Armor Ban: Safety Takes a Back Seat

by Michael Wolverton

February 15, 2002

Controlling the Running Game: Is it the Catchers, or the Pitchers?

by Michael Wolverton

January 17, 2002

The Legend of Jack Morris: Slowing a Bandwagon

by Michael Wolverton

January 2, 2002

The Man with the Golden Gun: Honoring Baseball's Best Catcher Arms

by Michael Wolverton

June 13, 2001

Mike Hampton: Cy Young, or Also-Ran?

by Michael Wolverton

January 19, 2001

Not Getting His Due: One Player Who's Been Overlooked in the HOF Discussion

by Michael Wolverton

October 23, 2000

My IBA Ballot: Our Staff Makes the Call

by Michael Wolverton

Michael Wolverton shares his IBA vote.

September 18, 2000

Tough Cops... and Other Ones: Stolen Base Rates by Umpire

by Michael Wolverton

July 20, 2000

The Atlanta Blues: Post All-Star-Game Starts

by Michael Wolverton

June 19, 2000

The Daily Prospectus: Texas Bull

by Michael Wolverton

October 16, 1999

The Top Pitchers of the 1990s: A Support-Neutral Approach

by Michael Wolverton

June 14, 1999

What Happens to "All Hit, No Pitch" Teams?: And what does it mean for the Rangers?

by Michael Wolverton

March 12, 1999

What the 'R' Column Doesn't Tell You: Evaluating Relievers by Prevention of Expected Runs

by Michael Wolverton

August 28, 1998

BP Polling: Michael Wolverton's Ballot:

by Michael Wolverton

June 10, 1998

BP Polling: Michael Wolverton's Ballot:

by Michael Wolverton

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