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Week ending on Friday, February 22 2013.


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Friday, February 22

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Oakland Athletics Top 10 Prospects

by Jason Parks

Graduations have stripped the system of top talent for all the right reasons, but there's more on the way.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Fixing the Holes, National League

by Sam Miller

How (and how well) each NL team patched up its weakest position this winter.

Pitcher Profile: Aroldis Chapman

by Harry Pavlidis

Can the league's hardest thrower transition successfully to a rotation role?

Rumor Roundup: Phillies Give Astros a Brownout

by Daniel Rathman

The Phillies shut down the Astros in trade negotiations for Domonic Brown, Giancarlo Stanton should be okay after getting hit in the head, and Rafael Furcal might miss Opening Day.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: The Merits of Category Dumping

by Mike Gianella

Mike uses a sample of league results to evaluate whether owners can win despite mailing in a category.

BP Unfiltered: Hear Baseball Everywhere

by Jason Collette

You can hear your favorite team in places you never thought possible.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 146: 2013 Season Preview Series: Miami Marlins

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Marlins' season with Daniel Rathman, and Pete talks to Sun-Sentinel Marlins beat writer Juan C. Rodriguez (at 16:59).

Fantasy Article Five to Watch: National League Hitters

by Bret Sayre

This quintet includes a fragile second baseman, two catchers, and a couple of big whiffers.

Thursday, February 21

Premium Article Skewed Left: Arizona's Extreme Strikeout Makeover

by Zachary Levine

Was Arizona's off-season search for "gritty" players really just a commitment to making more contact?

Premium Article In A Pickle: All-Stars Are Not All Stars

by Jason Wojciechowski

Jason looks at the worst players, by career WARP, to make multiple trips to the All-Star Game.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: A Rocky Rotation

by Daniel Rathman

The Rockies are scouring the trade market for starting pitchers, and Lance Berkman's calf is already barking.

Premium Article Perfect Game Presents: An Ace Showcase

by Kendall Rogers

It was a tale of two starts when Austin Kubitza squared off with Mark Appel in their first starts of the season.

BP Unfiltered: Home Run Rates and Elbow Injuries UPDATED

by Corey Dawkins, Ben Lindbergh, Harry Pavlidis and Doug Thorburn

Why do pitchers who allow fewer home runs hurt their elbows more often?

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 145: 2013 Season Preview Series: New York Mets

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Mets' season with Jason Wojciechowski, and Pete talks to Newsday baseball columnist David Lennon (at 22:11).

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Getting the Platoon Advantage

by Bret Sayre

You've seen real-life managers mix and match; now, Bret explains how you can, too.

The BP Wayback Machine: Your Guide to Spring Training

by Jim Baker

Whether it's your first trip to spring training or you're an old hand, Jim's travel tips are sure to point out things you'll need to know.

Wednesday, February 20

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Fixing the Holes, American League

by Sam Miller

Each AL team had a weakest position last season. Those positions aren't so weak anymore.

The Socratic Approach to PECOTA: And Why We Don't Hate Bryce Harper

by Ben Lindbergh and Colin Wyers

Asking questions about PECOTA's projections, and explaining what the system thinks is in store for Bryce Harper.

The Lineup Card: 11 Favorite Off-Season Moves

Baseball Prospectus

With most teams finished with their winter shopping, which moves did the BP staff like the most this offseason?

Premium Article Punk Hits: Baseball Players Are Too Damned Good For Their Own Good

by Ian Miller

Or maybe for our own good.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Fishing for Carp

by Daniel Rathman

The Mariners face a Thursday deadline to move Mike Carp, and the Biogenesis saga won't go away.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Snakes Get Legs

by R.J. Anderson

The Diamondbacks trade for Tony Campana, the Marlins sign Casey Kotchman, and Jack Cust lands in Tampa Bay.

Fantasy Article Pre-Season Positional Rankings: Top 15 Fantasy Shortstops

by Paul Singman

The elite players at this position are tantalizing, but each of them carries significant risk.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 144: 2013 Season Preview Series: Philadelphia Phillies

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Phillies' season with Paul Sporer, and Pete talks to CSNPhilly.com Phillies Insider Jim Salisbury (at 19:27).

Fantasy Article Five to Watch: Impact Arms With Unclear Roles

by Paul Sporer

A pair of triple-digit hurlers top this group of pitchers, whose upside is high, but whose specific jobs are up in the air.

Tuesday, February 19

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospects

by Jason Parks

Immense upside and considerable risk give the Rangers one of the best, albeit one of the most boom-or-bust, systems in the game.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Tuesday, February 19

by Daniel Rathman

Adam Wainwright seems flexible about an extension, and the Brewers are running out of options at first base.

Premium Article Painting the Black: The Pirates Gamble on Marte

by R.J. Anderson

Will putting Starling Marte at the top of Pittsburgh's order pay off?

Premium Article Collateral Damage: Pop Goes the Knee Joint

by Corey Dawkins and Stephani Bee

There are a variety of reasons why ACL injuries like Mat Gamel's can recur.

Premium Article Out of Left Field: The 10,786 Miles Not Technically Traveled By Sandy Rosario

by Matthew Kory

Life on the 40 shouldn't be so rough.

Premium Article Skewed Left: A Meeting of the Mariner DHs

by Zachary Levine

Several DHs enter. All of them leave.

Baseball ProGUESTus: Paul Richards, Maker of Major-League Managers

by Jonathan Bernstein

Remembering a man whose career may have spawned those of many subsequent skippers.

Premium Article Western Front: San Diego High School Baseball at the Turn of the Millennium

by Geoff Young

San Diego has a rich baseball tradition, and many big-league stars have roots in Southern California.

BP Fantasy Podcast: Episode 33: Get Well Soon, Jason

by Paul Sporer, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre

Shortstops, get your shortstops here!

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 143: 2013 Season Preview Series: Atlanta Braves

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Braves' season with Zachary Levine, and Pete talks to Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports columnist Mark Bradley (at 16:42).

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Budget Allocation in Expert Auctions

by Jason Collette

By popular demand, Jason examines how the experts chose to spend their money in last year's auctions, and the results they attained.

Wezen-Ball: Century City

by Larry Granillo

The 2004 series "Century City" once tackled the legal issues of a mechanically-enhanced ballplayer.

Monday, February 18

Premium Article Overthinking It: Why There Probably Are No Next Orioles

by Ben Lindbergh

We all missed on last year's Orioles and A's, so we're determined to see the next similar surprise team coming. But are we sure that one will?

Baseball Therapy: What Really Predicts Pitcher Injuries?

by Russell A. Carleton

Russell searches for a fact-based alternative to the Verducci Effect.

Baseball Prospectus News: The New Reality for BP Fantasy

by Joe Hamrahi

BP rolls out its expanded and enhanced fantasy coverage for 2013.

Premium Article Painting the Black: Martin Maldonado and Learning to Love Defense-First Catchers

by R.J. Anderson

Sure, some catchers can't hit. But are we learning to look on the bright side?

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Monday, February 18

by Daniel Rathman

Ryan Madson could return to throwing soon, and the Athletics are leaving no stone unturned in their search for a first baseman.

The Week in Quotes: February 11-17

by Pete Barrett, Hudson Belinsky, Jonah Birenbaum and Andrew Koo

Running through the notable quotes of the week that was.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Auction Values: First Edition, February 18

by Mike Gianella

Mike unveils his complete guide to Rotisserie-style auctions for a variety of leagues, to be updated throughout February and March.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 142: 2013 Season Preview Series: Washington Nationals

by Ben Lindbergh and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Nationals' season with Paul Sporer and Daniel Rathman, and Pete talks to Adam Kilgore, who covers the Nationals for the Washington Post (at 19:51).

Fantasy Article Pre-Season Positional Rankings: Top 15 Fantasy Second Basemen

by Josh Shepardson

The keystone features a terrific trio, but questions cloud the dozen players that follow.

Sunday, February 17

Tater Trot Tracker: A Birthday Treat: Michael Jordan's Tater Trot

by Larry Granillo

In honor of his 50th birthday, enjoy the first ever tater trot of baseball legend Michael Jordan.

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