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Week ending on Saturday, February 9 2013.


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Saturday, February 9

BP Fantasy Podcast: Latest NFBC Mock Draft Data

by Jason Collette

The fantasy team will be publishing this data on a weekly basis for your tracking pleasure. The fantasy team will also revisit the ADP data in a column every other Monday to look for trends.

Friday, February 8

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Top 10 Prospects

by Jason Parks

The Next Mike Trout certainly won't come out of the Angels' mostly uninspiring system.

Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Jim Johnson

by Bradford Doolittle, Nick J. Faleris and Ben Lindbergh

Is one season of 50-plus saves enough to make the panel pay Johnson like an elite late-inning arm?

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: What it Means to Have the Best Farm System in Baseball

by Sam Miller

In a few weeks, we'll deem one organization's minor-league talent the best in baseball. What will that portend for the team?

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Seattle Royale

by R.J. Anderson

The Mariners lock up their ace. Is he worth the risk?

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Friday, February 8

by Daniel Rathman

Jon Garland is garnering interest, and the Dodgers would like to extend Clayton Kershaw.

Premium Article Perfect Game Presents: UNC Building a Championship Team

by Kendall Rogers

The Tar Heels have compiled a solid array of talent for the 2013 season.

Tater Trot Tracker: La Serie del Caribe, Championship Game

by Larry Granillo

Trot times for the championship game of the 2013 Caribbean Series, including trots from Karim Garcia and Douglas Clark.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 136: 2013 Season Preview Series: Minnesota Twins

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Twins' season with Michael Bates and Bill Parker, and Pete talks to Star Tribune reporter Phill Miller (at 20:26).

BP Announcements: Vote Now for the SABR Analytics Research Awards

by Joe Hamrahi

The 2012 SABR Analytics Research Awards recognize the best baseball researchers of the year

The BP Wayback Machine: 2003 PECOTA Preview: The American League

by Nate Silver

With PECOTA projections for 2013 due out Monday, we take a look back 10 years at the first-ever PECOTA team projections.

Thursday, February 7

Premium Article Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Max Scherzer

by Maury Brown, Larry Granillo and Ben Lindbergh

Will the BP arbitration panel show Max Scherzer the money after his career year?

Premium Article On the Beat: Spring Headliners

by John Perrotto

As spring training camps prepare to open, a few headlines are sure to circulate. Our resident beat writer also checks in on the Cardinals' rotation and Matt Wieters.

Overthinking It: Micah Owings Embraces His Destiny

by Ben Lindbergh

Micah Owings has always been a good-hitting pitcher. That's a lot different than being a good-hitting non-pitcher.

Premium Article Skewed Left: Pop Quiz: Throwback Bullpen Guys

by Zachary Levine

On the late Dan Quisenberry's birthday, Zachary looks for the closest thing to him today.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Yippee Callaspo

by R.J. Anderson

The Angels extend their third baseman, while the Giants get Ramon Ramirez, the Pirates gamble on Jonathan Sanchez, the Rays clear space on the 40-man and Jon Rauch takes his tallness to Miami.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Thursday, February 7

by Daniel Rathman

The Rangers could use prospects outside of their natural positions in 2013, and the Mets are still interested in Michael Bourn.

Premium Article Out of Left Field: Shorting the Red Sox

by Matthew Kory

After 2012, what should we unlearn about the Red Sox?

Premium Article Prospect Profile: Joe Benson

by Hudson Belinsky

After an injury-marred 2012, Benson could emerge as an intriguing player this season.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Starting Pitching for 2/7/13

by Paul Sporer

Paul looks at two pitchers whose fates diverged last year.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 135: 2013 Season Preview Series: Cleveland Indians

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Indians' season with Matthew Kory and Paul Sporer, and Pete talks to MLB.com Indians reporter Jordan Bastian (at 19:57).

BP Unfiltered: BP on TV

by Ben Lindbergh

Two recent TV spots by Ben.

Wednesday, February 6

Premium Article Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Shin-Soo Choo

by R.J. Anderson, Jeff Euston and Ben Lindbergh

How much fake money will the Reds' new center fielder and leadoff hitter be awarded in his hearing at BP?

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: How Bad Can Clogging the Bases Be?

by Sam Miller

The 2013 Tigers will be heavy, slow, and probably bad at baserunning. How much will it hurt them?

The Lineup Card: 8 Interesting NRIs

Baseball Prospectus

With spring training around the corner, the BP staff takes a look at intriguing non-roster invitees.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Wednesday, February 6

by Daniel Rathman

The Astros might not be done dealing, and the Indians could look in on Michael Bourn.

Premium Article Collateral Damage: Barely Begun and Already Through

by Corey Dawkins and Stephani Bee

Chris Carpenter's season is over before it had a chance to begin thanks to a thoracic outlet syndrome flare-up.

Pitcher Profile: Johnny Cueto

by Harry Pavlidis

Improved maturity and command have been crucial to Johnny Cueto's recent success.

Premium Article Sobsequy: Why Some Fringy Minor Leaguers Make It

by Adam Sobsey

What determines whether borderline big leaguers languish in Triple-A obscurity or play a part on a major-league team's 25-man?

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Corner Infielders for 2/6/2013

by Michael Street

Notes on a new Ranger, a new Diamondback, and a first baseman who finally found a home

BP Unfiltered: Jhonny Peralta Makes Five ACES Clients Tied to East Coast BALCO

by Maury Brown

An SI.com story by Tom Verducci links Jhonny Peralta to Biogenesis, the Miami-area lab being called the "East Coast BALCO." But, what may be more disturbing, Peralta is another ACES client.

Wezen-Ball: Hank Aaron, TV Salesman

by Larry Granillo

The newly crowned home run king had a television he wanted to sell.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 134: 2013 Season Preview Series: Kansas City Royals

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Royals' season with Craig Brown, and Pete talks to Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger (at 26:26).

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Comparing Mock-Draft Data

by Jason Collette

NFBC mock drafts appear to paint a more realistic picture than those at Mock Draft Central.

Tuesday, February 5

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Detroit Tigers Top 10 Prospects

by Jason Parks

Venezuela has kept the Tigers' systems from getting too lousy, but the country might not be big enough to do it forever.

Premium Article Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Jason Hammel

by Ian Miller, Doug Thorburn and Ben Lindbergh

The $2.55 million gap between the Orioles' offer and Hammel's request is the largest among the group of players who have not yet signed.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: An Expensive Lowrie

by R.J. Anderson and Mark Anderson

The Reds sign Miguel Olivo and Manny Parra, the Mets get Brandon Lyon and Marlon Byrd, and the Astros and A's make a swap involving Jed Lowrie.

Baseball ProGUESTus: Many Days in the Life of a Minor League Baseball Broadcaster

by Mike Curto

What baseball life is like at the second-highest level, as told by the radio voice of the Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers.

Premium Article Skewed Left: The Best Ways to Bet at the Ballpark

by Zachary Levine

Four low-stakes games you can play while watching games this season.

Punk Hits: Top Team Cookbooks, Part 2

by Ian Miller

Literally too many team cookbooks to be contained by a single article.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Tuesday, February 5

by Daniel Rathman

The market is picking up for Ryan Theriot, and the Rays might be willing to wheel and deal.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Fallout: The Carter-for-Lowrie deal

by Paul Singman

Monday's trade could impact far more players than just the five who changed uniforms.

BP Unfiltered: Guerrero Brothers and Birthdates

by Ben Lindbergh

Why the birth of Wilton Guerrero was probably either a miracle or not entirely on the up and up.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Relievers for 2/5/2013

by Dan Mennella

Dan breaks down the two right-handers who make up the back end of the Indians bullpen.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 133: 2013 Season Preview Series: Chicago White Sox

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the White Sox' season with Ken Funck, and Pete talks to Chicago Tribune White Sox beat writer Mark Gonzales (at 16:24).

Monday, February 4

Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Chase Headley

by Sam Miller, Jason Wojciechowski and Ben Lindbergh

The Padres' third baseman had a breakout 2012. If he hadn't settled with San Diego, how might his arbitration hearing have gone?

Arbitration Showdown: The Insider's Intro

by John Coppolella

Atlanta Braves Assistant General Manager John Coppolella kicks off our arbitration series with a look at typical team strategies and his own arbitration experience.

Premium Article Western Front: They Took Their Turn

by Geoff Young

Is a starting rotation in which all five pitchers make at least 30 starts the hallmark of a championship-caliber team?

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Monday, February 4

by Daniel Rathman

Franklin Morales is gaining some attention as a trade chip, and the Reds continue their search for relief help.

The Week in Quotes: January 28-February 3

by Pete Barrett, Hudson Belinsky, Jonah Birenbaum and Andrew Koo

Running through the notable quotes of the week that was.

BP Fantasy Podcast: Episode 31: Exit Stage Left Football. Buh Bye Now

by Jason Collette

Jason and Paul review the little bit of baseball news that has been out there, break down the first base position, and interview Greg Ambrosius from the National Fantasy Baseball Championships hosted by Stats LLC.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Second, Short, and Catcher for 2/4/2013

by Josh Shepardson

Mike Napoli, Dustin Ackley, and Alcides Escobar might be undervalued in 2013.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 132: 2013 Season Preview Series: Detroit Tigers

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Tigers' season with Paul Sporer, and Pete talks to MLB.com Tigers beat writer Jason Beck (at 17:49).

Wezen-Ball: Clemens' 20 K's

by Larry Granillo

A look at all 20 punchouts in Roger Clemens' 20-strikeout game against Seattle in 1986.

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