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Week ending on Wednesday, January 30 2013.


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Wednesday, January 30

Premium Article Youth Movement: Respect the 8

by Mark Anderson

The players who had legitimately elite tools in 2012, and why we should truly appreciate their talent.

Premium Article Skewed Left: The Sunk Costs of 2013

by Zachary Levine

Which contracts might their teams be better off eating this season?

The Lineup Card: Six Contract Incentives that Should Happen

Baseball Prospectus

In the wake of the Delmon Young weight incentives, what other contract bonuses is the BP staff rooting for?

Premium Article Perfect Game's Top 100 Draft Prospects: The Top Talent for the 2013 Rule 4 Draft

by Allan Simpson

Perfect Game's Allan Simpson provides his top 100 draft prospects.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Wednesday, January 30

by Daniel Rathman

The Mets are looking to add another reliever, and the Yankees are hoping to shed Alex Rodriguez's contract.

Transaction Analysis: Stauffer in with the Others

by R.J. Anderson

Tim Stauffer will fight for a rotation spot, Kelly Shoppach goes to Seattle, Scott Atchison signs with the Mets and Alex Gonzalez re-ups.

Wezen-Ball: The 1948 World Series, Game1: A Radio Diary

by Larry Granillo

A running diary of the two-hour radio broadcast of game 1 of the 1948 World Series, featuring Bob Feller and Johnny Sain.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: First, Third, and DH for 1/30/13

by Michael Street

Will Lind ever become Toronto's hitman again? Will Plouffe's 2012 season go poof? Will A-Gon's value be all gone in Los Angeles? Michael answers these keeper questions in this week's column.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 129: Why the Latest Steroids Scandal Isn't That Scandalous/2013 Season Preview Series: Tampa Bay Rays

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam discuss whether the latest PED revelations really revealed anything worrisome before previewing the Rays' season with Adam Sobsey. Then Pete talks to Tampa Bay Tribune Rays reporter Roger Mooney (at 25:30).

BP Announcements: Introducing PFM YTD

by Ryan Lind

A new edition of Player Forecast Manager for generating in-season and past-season values.

BP Announcements: Baseball Prospectus Visits Rangers Ballpark - April 21, 2013

by Joe Hamrahi

2013 Stadium events kick off in Arlington

Tuesday, January 29

Western Front: Pass the Bonds, Please

by Geoff Young

Barry Bonds' career walk totals are mind-boggling, but they're even more so when you look between the numbers.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: All the Young Moves

by Ben Lindbergh

The Rays sign Kelly Johnson, the Padres add Freddy Garcia, the Cards sign a utility guy, the Yankees and Red Sox ink outfielders, and the Phillies extend an NRI to Yuni.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Tuesday, January 29

by Daniel Rathman

Hideki Okajima might return to the majors, Scott Atchison is expected to sign soon, and the Padres are hoping to extend Chase Headley.

Punk Hits: Top Team Cookbooks, Part 1

by Ian Miller

Baseball players and baseball clubs are great at baseball. They're not great at other things, like cookbooks.

Baseball ProGUESTus: Pete Rose, Perpetual Pitchman

by Michael Clair

An audiovisual retrospective of the many products Charlie Hustle has hustled over the years.

Premium Article Out of Left Field: Teaching Myself to Hit

by Matthew Kory

Hitting comes naturally, or else it comes with a lot of practice. Matt shares lessons learned from a lot of practice.

BP Unfiltered: Daily Draft Video (Flash Forward): Nicholas Gordon

by Nick J. Faleris

Daily exclusive video series designed to familiarize you with the names you need to know leading up to the 2013 amateur draft.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Hidden Fantasy Value

by Jason Collette

Think all the good players are gone by the end of your draft? Jason looks at how many valuable players go undrated, even in expert leagues.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Relievers for 1/29/30

by Dan Mennella

New York relievers from both the Bronx and Queens get examined in this week's Reaper.

BP Announcements: Chicago Cubs Seek Director of Research & Development

by Joe Hamrahi

Baseball Operations Position to Report to Assistant GM

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 128: 2013 Season Preview Series: Baltimore Orioles

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Orioles' season with Derek Carty, and Pete talks to MLB.com Orioles reporter Brittany Ghiroli (at 13:22).

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Checking in on Fantasy Deals

by Derek Carty

Looking through recent moves and checking in on fantasy player values.

Monday, January 28

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects

by Jason Parks

The Dodgers have plenty of questions marks in the system, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot to pay attention to.

Baseball Therapy: Fact or Fiction: The Verducci Effect

by Russell A. Carleton

The final word on whether the popular theory holds water or is fatally flawed.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Monday, January 28

by Daniel Rathman

The Mets and Brewers might be busy teams in the last few weeks before spring training.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza

by Sam Miller

Be there for the rap battle.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Rays Take Another Luke

by R.J. Anderson

Tampa Bay re-signs Luke Scott, the Rockies pick up Yorvit Torrealba, Jair Jurrjens signs with Baltimore, and the Royals claim George Kottaras.

The Week in Quotes: January 21-27

by Pete Barrett, Hudson Belinsky, Jonah Birenbaum and Andrew Koo

Running through the notable quotes of the week that was.

Tater Trot Tracker: The Japanese Bat Flip

by Larry Granillo

An amazing video compilation of what seems to be an art form in Japanese baseball.

BP Announcements: 2013 Starting Pitcher Guide

by Paul Sporer

BP's Paul Sporer announces his annual Starting Pitcher Guide, and a special BP guest is joining him this year.

Premium Article Minor League Update: Potential Impact Rookies In 2013 (AL EAST)

by Jason Martinez

Potential Impact Rookies in 2013 (AL EAST)

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 127: 2013 Season Preview Series: New York Yankees

by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller and Pete Barrett

Ben and Sam preview the Yankees' season, and Pete talks to ESPN New York columnist Wallace Matthews (at 15:45).

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Second, Short, and Catcher for 1/28/13

by Josh Shepardson

Jesus Montero, Jose Altuve, and Jimmy Rollins lead off for this week's Keeper Reaper.

Wezen-Ball: Ball Park's Classic Guide to Franks

by Larry Granillo

"Baseball fans' guide to Ball Park Franks."

BP Announcements: The Annual, PECOTA, and Fantasy Subscriptions UPDATED

by Ben Lindbergh

We answer your questions about the approaching arrival and rollout of our offerings for early 2013.

Saturday, January 26

BP Fantasy Podcast: Episode 30: Bigger Than Honey Boo Boo's Mom

by Jason Collette and Paul Sporer

Jason and Paul review the latest news, talk a lot about ADP as well as both auction and draft strategies while reading your emails.

Friday, January 25

Purpose Pitches: Remembering Earl

by Christina Kahrl

How Earl Weaver indirectly helped shape Baseball Prospectus and (more directly) gave one of its founders her best day in baseball.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: The Wildest Outings of 2012

by Sam Miller

The times when pitchers threw way too many balls and not nearly enough strikes.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Friday, January 25

by Daniel Rathman

The Diamondbacks probably won't pursue Rick Porcello, and Michael Bourn might have a pair of suitors.

Premium Article Raising Aces: Revisiting the Good Old Days

by Doug Thorburn

What conclusions can we draw from studying the incremental mechanical refinements of great pitchers past?

Tell it to Your Analyst: The Raging Genius of Earl Weaver

by Tom Scocca

How Earl Weaver won with common sense at a time before people knew it was common sense.

Premium Article Prospect Profile: Jersey Boys

by Hudson Belinsky

A look at three high school arms from the Garden State who could be high draft picks this spring.

Transaction Analysis: Justin Upton Trade-Rumor Era Ends With Justin Upton Trade

by R.J. Anderson and Jason Parks

The Braves get Justin Upton. What did the Diamondbacks get for all their efforts?

Transaction Analysis: Marcum Off the List

by Ben Lindbergh

The Mets sign Shaun Marcum, the Cubs add Scott Hairston, and the Rays bolster their bullpen.

Premium Article Skewed Left: Ruben Amaro and the Rabbis

by Zachary Levine

Ruben Amaro said he consulted some rabbis before signing Delmon Young. Here's one way that conversation might have unfolded.

Premium Article In A Pickle: Average Love

by Jason Wojciechowski

What did average look like in 2012?

Overthinking It: Understanding the Umpire-Manager Arguments of 2012

by Ben Lindbergh and Evan Brunell

What the managers who were ejected last season said to seal their fates. (Warning: strong language.)

BP Unfiltered: Why Wahoo's Gotta Go

by Ben Lindbergh

What a decades-old Mel Allen call says about the Indians' long-lived mascot.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Outfielders for 1/25/13

by Paul Singman

Paul examines how the speed of Angel Pagan and the power of Michael Morse and Chris Davis stack up to the keeper competition.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 126: Justin Upton is Actually Traded

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam analyze the Justin Upton trade and Arizona's offseason.

Thursday, January 24

Premium Article On the Beat: Phunky Strategy for Philly

by John Perrotto

Some of the Phillies' moves this offseason are highly questionable, and some notes on the Giants, Cardinals, and Marlins.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Thursday, January 24

by Daniel Rathman

The Diamondbacks might finally resolve their outfield situation.

BP Unfiltered: A Definitive Ranking of the Diamondbacks' Grittiest Players

by Zachary Levine

Who's the fairest of them all in Kevin Towers' new world order of grit?

Wezen-Ball: Black and Blue

by Larry Granillo

An imaginative pair of cards from the early 1980s.

Fantasy Article The Keeper Reaper: Starting Pitching for 1/24/13

by Paul Sporer

Paul looks at the chances of Jordan Zimmermann and Mat Latos taking the next step in 2013.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 125: The Umpire-Manager Relationship

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam discuss the ins and outs of umpire-manager arguments.

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Outfield and Rotation Rumbles

by Derek Carty

How have recent moves impacted players' fantasy values?

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