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Week ending on Wednesday, May 16 2012.


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Wednesday, May 16

Premium Article Manufactured Runs: The Angels, Albert Pujols, and the Politician's Fallacy

by Colin Wyers

Are the Angels just shuffling deck chairs on a sinking ship by firing hitting coach Mickey Hatcher?

Premium Article Overthinking It: Brett Lawrie Was Framed

by Ben Lindbergh

Brett Lawrie was right to be upset about the two strikes that got him ejected on Tuesday, but framer extraordinaire Jose Molina had as much to do with the calls as umpire Bill Miller.

Punk Hits: Running Hot and Cold

by Ian Miller

Will the real Dodgers and Twins please stand up?

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Kill This Nickname

by Sam Miller

Bryce Harper is just the latest player to earn the most overused nickname in sports.

The Lineup Card: 11 Surprising Early-Season Stats

Baseball Prospectus

In a game you can't predict, which early-season statistics seem the most unpredictable?

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Beckett and Hyde

by Jay Jaffe

Josh Beckett's alternating good and bad seasons resembles the career of a former major leaguer.

Premium Article Future Shock: Finding Power

by Kevin Goldstein

The major league power outage could have its cause in the minor leagues, writes Kevin Goldstein.

Premium Article The Platoon Advantage: Ten Excuses for Not Voting Johnny Damon Into the HOF

by Michael Bates

Just because he might get 3,000 hits doesn't mean voters can't put up a fight.

Fantasy Article Value Picks: Relievers for 5/16/12

by Dan Mennella

Janssen, Fuentes, and Thayer are discussed in this week's Value Picks

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Wednesday, May 16

by Corey Dawkins

The Dodgers lose their center fielder, and the Yankees lose their closer.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Wednesday, May 16

by Matthew Kory

Have you ever heard of this team called the Rays?

Wezen-Ball: Ballplayers and the Women who Love Them

by Larry Granillo

An interesting juxtaposition of two 35+ years old articles looking at how and why women love ballplayers.

BP Podcast: Episode 93: Miniature Donkeys Are Great

by Kevin Goldstein

After a brief hiatus, we return with an action-packed show (ok, we just talk a lot). After going on an email-inspired rant about the current state of baseball content on the internet, we delve into the game itself and discuss everything from Josh Hamilton's crazy run to Stanford righty Mark Appel to the lack of power prospects to the current state of the Arizona and Colorado systems. Then it's special guest time and a serious discussion about baseball and race with Doug Glanville in what is one of my favorite interviews in the history of the show. As always, we end with the goofy stuff, and as always, we thank you for listening and hope you enjoy.

Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 15

by Kevin Goldstein

A crazy game in the California League and notes from around the day in the minors.

BP Unfiltered: Three-Hit Night

by Sam Miller

Albert Pujols' three-hit night

What You Need to Know: Wednesday, May 16

by Daniel Rathman

Brett Lawrie crossed the line when he threw his batting helmet at an umpire.

BP Announcements: BP2012 App Now Available

by Joe Hamrahi

BP2012 iPhone and iPad App is Now Live

Tuesday, May 15

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: What Could Go Wrong in 2012: Colorado Rockies

by Jason Parks

Nolan Arenado could turn into a newt, maybe. What else could go wrong for young Rockies players?

Premium Article Western Front: La Casa Sucia

by Geoff Young

The Padres are off to a horrible start, so a housecleaning might be forthcoming. Who stays and who goes?

Baseball ProGUESTus: Pedro Alvarez and the Ghosts of Pirates Prospects Past

by Pat Lackey

Pedro Alvarez's big-league career hasn't begun quite as the Pirates hoped it would, but will his future be more like Brad Eldred's or Jose Bautista's?

Premium Article Painting the Black: Living Low and Away

by R.J. Anderson

Kyle Drabek has found his quadrant.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Orange Crush(ers)

by Jason Collette

A look at the surprising early season success of Baltimore's hitters

Fantasy Article Value Picks: First, Third, and DH for 5/15/12

by Michael Street

The majority of Michael's VP list turns over this week, but he's got plenty of replacements lined up, including three who picked up their first home run of the year last week.

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Tuesday, May 15

by Corey Dawkins

The Royals might lose Danny Duffy to Tommy John surgery.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Tuesday, May 15

by Matthew Kory

San Diego achieves something special!

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 14

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 14: Bryce Harper's first career home run, plus trots from Hanley Ramirez, Placido Polanco, and Gregor Blanco.

Wezen-Ball: MLB's Broadcast Dispute

by Larry Granillo

A minor league team once tried to stop Boston games from being broadcast in a 50 mile radius of Springfield, MA.

Premium Article Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 14

by Kevin Goldstein

More thoughts on Wil Myers and notes from around the day in the minors.

What You Need to Know: Tuesday, May 15

by Daniel Rathman

Adam Dunn continues to make a big comeback from one of the worst seasons in major-league history, and Bryce Harper hits his first homer.

Monday, May 14

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: A Not-So-Dandy Return

by Jay Jaffe

Andy Pettitte's return to the Bronx is marred by the weak-hitting Mariners.

Premium Article Overthinking It: The Rangers' Secret Weapon

by Ben Lindbergh

He's no Josh Hamilton, but Rangers outfielder Craig Gentry might be better than you think he is.

Pebble Hunting: The One They Missed

by Sam Miller

How does a player go from being undrafted to having a 1.60 ERA in the big leagues?

Premium Article Future Shock: Monday Morning Ten Pack

by Kevin Goldstein

This past weekend saw some improved control, some extended hitting streaks, and a few prospects who might be worth watching after all.

Premium Article Bizball: New CBA, Fans Sue MLB, Jerry McMorris Dies, and Other Picture Postcards

by Maury Brown

Musings on the new CBA, attendance, and blackouts, among other things

Premium Article Out of Left Field: On Hitting .400

by Matthew Kory

Can Josh Hamilton or David Wright do it? And what does 'it' really mean?

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Vlad to Be There

by R.J. Anderson

Blue Jays sign Vladimir Guerrero, Twins send Liriano to the bullpen.

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: A Bad Month to Be, Or Own, a Closer

by Derek Carty

Don't overreact to an unprecedented casualty rate for closers.

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Monday, May 14

by Corey Dawkins

The Nationals' injury woes continue as they lose their starting catcher for the rest of the season.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Monday, May 14

by Matthew Kory

Joey Votto hits only three home runs.

BP Unfiltered: Brandon Morrow and Things That Happen

by Sam Miller

Brandon Morrow can pitch from the stretch now

Tater Trot Tracker: Bryce Harper's First Career Home Run

by Larry Granillo

Bryce Harper finally hit his first career home run Monday night, and didn't waste any time getting around the bases.

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 13

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 13: Giancarlo Stanton and Joey Votto give their mothers quite the Mother's Day gift.

BP Announcements: A New Platform

by Jay Jaffe

A longtime BP author undertakes a new challenge.

BP Unfiltered: Baseball on the Internet

by Sam Miller

Baseball and Mick O'Pedia

What You Need to Know: Monday, May 14

by Daniel Rathman

A pair of walk-off grand slams made for a historical Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 13

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 12

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 12: Jose Bautista, David Wright, and Edwin Maysonet.

Saturday, May 12

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 11

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 11: Josh Hamilton's two home runs, Carlos Beltran's two home runs, and whole bunch more.

Friday, May 11

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Donnie Buntball

by Jay Jaffe

Don Mattingly's affinity for the bunt could be keeping the Dodgers from scoring more runs.

Overthinking It: A Fond Farewell to the Fake to Third

by Ben Lindbergh

A proposed rule change could eliminate the fake-to-third, throw-to-first pickoff attempt as soon as next season, which makes this a good time to answer the age-old question: Does it ever work?

The Stats Go Marching In: All About Velocity

by Max Marchi

Max examines all the factors that influence pitch velocity, lays out his simple and complex approaches to making PITCHf/x information more accurate, and determines how hard the Nationals are really throwing.

Premium Article Raising Aces: Where's Ubaldo?

by Doug Thorburn

Wondering what happened to the Ubaldo Jimenez the Indians thought they were acquiring? Look no further than his disintegrating mechanics.

Premium Article Prospectus Game of the Week: A Strange Start in Baltimore

by Jonathan Bernhardt

The Orioles wrap up a bizarrely historic week with a start from Colby Lewis unlike any we've seen before.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: No Fastballs for Emilio

by Sam Miller

If Emilio Bonifacio can't hit for power, why are pitchers walking him so often?

Fantasy Article Value Picks: Outfielders for 5/11/12

by Rob McQuown

Ibanez, Reddick, and Dyson get the VP label this week

Fantasy Article Weekly Planner: Week Seven

by Paul Sporer

Another crop of two-start pitchers are examined in this week's planner

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Friday, May 11

by Corey Dawkins

Brett Gardner suffers a setback in rehab, and the Angels lose their starting catcher.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Friday, May 11

by Matthew Kory

The Astros have playoff odds that are not zero!

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 10

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 10: a lot of excitement in the Orioles/Rangers doubleheader.

BP Unfiltered: People and Entities Out-Walking Albert Pujols

by Sam Miller

Albert Pujols never walks

BP Fantasy Podcast: Episode 3: Can Your Hear the Rain?

by Jason Collette and Paul Sporer

Jason and Paul talk the hot topics, read your emails, and include a bonus interview with Tampa Bay Rays' color analyst Brian Anderson at the tail end of the show. 1 hr 52 minutes this week!

Wezen-Ball: Soviet Scouts Take in a Game

by Larry Granillo

In 1990, Ron Gant had the best game of his career while a group of Soviet children were in the stands.

What You Need to Know: Friday, May 11

by Daniel Rathman

Stephen Strasburg faced the Pirates for the first time since his major-league debut, and he reeled off a similar line.

The BP Wayback Machine: Making Waves in the West

by Christina Kahrl

The Rangers face a difficult decision about extending Josh Hamilton, but the decision to acquire him wasn't easy, either.

Thursday, May 10

Inside The Park: Can Teams Protect Their Pitchers?

by Bradford Doolittle

Are teams asking the right questions about pitcher injury prevention, or are they just guessing along with the rest of us?

Premium Article What Scouts Are Saying: Mixed Reviews

by Adam Sobsey, Bradley Ankrom and Kevin Goldstein

Scout quotes about three players who should be on the fast track to promotion and two who might have more to figure out.

Premium Article Overthinking It: Finding the Perfect Imbalance

by Ben Lindbergh

Being weak on one side of the field hasn't doomed teams like the Nationals and Braves.

Premium Article On the Beat: Harping on Harper

by John Perrotto

Though Bryce Harper's reputation leaves many questioning his maturity, his Nationals teammates have embraced him.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: No Lefty Left Behind

by R.J. Anderson

Washington gathers up Michael Gonzalez.

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Trades of Grey

by Derek Carty

It can be hard to know this early what you have and what you need.

Fantasy Article Value Picks: Starting Pitchers for 5/10/12

by Paul Sporer

Paulino, Dickey, Zambrano, and Ogando make the VP cut this week

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Thursday, May 10

by Corey Dawkins

The disabled list claims Juan Rivera, Joe Wieland, and Jonathan Sanchez.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Thursday, May 10

by Matthew Kory

Can the Astros break out of 0 percent playoff odds?

Premium Article Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 9

by Kevin Goldstein

How Brewers RHP Kyle Heckathorn has turned himself back into a prospect and notes from around the day in the minors.

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 9

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 9: compared to previous injured trots, Matt Joyce's twisted ankle trot was still remarkably quick, even if it is the slowest trot of the year.

Wezen-Ball: Covering an All-Star Team

by Larry Granillo

Inspired by Big Daddy's cover of "A Day in the Life", an attempt at finding subtly-similar players to the 1983 AL All-Star team.

BP Unfiltered: What a Giancarlo Stanton Home Run Looks Like

by Sam Miller

Giancarlo Stanton's home run is impressive.

What You Need to Know: Thursday, May 10

by Daniel Rathman

Zack Greinke may have dominated during yesterday's game against the Reds, but Aroldis Chapman continued an impressive streak.

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