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Week ending on Saturday, May 5 2012.


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Friday, May 4

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Worse Than Pujols, NL Edition

by Jay Jaffe

Which NL starters are off to a worse start than the Angels' not-yet-sluggy first baseman?

Prospectus Game of the Week: Harper Overshadows Kemp, or Vice Versa?

by Bradley Ankrom

Bryce Harper may have been the lead story heading into last Saturday's game at Chavez Ravine, but there were plenty of other moments that made the night memorable.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: When Age 27 Doesn't Work Out

by Sam Miller

Brandon Wood is in the midst of yet another disappointing season at age 27. What other players have bottomed out when they were supposed to be peaking?

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Introducing the New Fantasy Podcast

by Jason Collette

A look at Baseball Prospectus' new, fantasy-themed podcast

Fantasy Article Value Picks: Outfielders for 5/4/12

by Rob McQuown

Tony Campana joins Span, Viciedo, and Murphy on VP this week

Fantasy Article Weekly Planner: Week Six

by Paul Sporer

Paul helps you sort out the fantasy pitchers worth starting in this week's planner

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Friday, May 4

by Corey Dawkins

Mariano Rivera goes down in batting practice, and Eric Chavez gets concussed.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Friday, May 4

by Matthew Kory

The Rays win a lot, is what we're saying.

BP Podcast: Episode 92: It's Wet, And It Has Some Bubbles

by Kevin Goldstein

It's a prospect heavy show as we talk about the ascension of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout to the big leagues, delve in to the top of the Rays and Padres systems, and discuss what scouts are saying about Red's burner Billy Hamilton and Seattle lefty Danny Hutzen. Our special guest is Adam Kilgore, the Nationals beat writer for the Washington Post, and we talk Harper, the rotation and the sustainability of the team's hot start. Then it's the goofy stuff and somehow we talked about soccer for 15 minutes. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Between The Numbers: The Prorating Game

by Colin Wyers

Comparing Rivera to starting pitchers is difficult, but that won't stop Colin from trying.

Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 3

by Kevin Goldstein

A Padres righty you shouldn't forget about, and notes from around the day in the minors.

BP Fantasy Podcast: Episode 2 is live!

by Jason Collette and Paul Sporer

The Towers of Power Fantasy Hour is up for your listening enjoyment.

Wezen-Ball: Canseco's Last Stand

by Larry Granillo

In light of Jose Canseco's latest Twitter ramblings, a quick look at how exactly his career ended.

What You Need to Know: Friday, May 4

by Daniel Rathman

Mariano Rivera's injury isn't just a blow for the Yankees.

BP Unfiltered: Newsletter Update

by Dave Pease

You haven't gotten any newsletters this week. Here's what's going on.

The BP Wayback Machine: Home-Field Advantages

by Nate Silver

The Rays are 12-1 at home this season. Where does their home-field advantage come from?

Thursday, May 3

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: What Could Go Wrong in 2012: San Diego Padres

by Jason Parks

Hey, it's the Padres. Stuff goes wrong in the majors, why can't it go wrong in the minors, too?

Premium Article What Scouts Are Saying: Not Always the Cruelest Month

by Kevin Goldstein

Forget Dylan Bundy for a second. Have you seen Billy Hamilton?

Raising Aces: Six Degrees of Supination

by Doug Thorburn

A primer on how pitchers produce movement and vary velocity by gripping and releasing their pitches.

The Lineup Card: 10 Things Learned in April

Baseball Prospectus

What were the BP staff's major takeaways from the season's first month?

Painting the Black: Jesus Montero Against Matt Moore

by R.J. Anderson

A pitch-by-pitch review of a matchup that we might one day consider historic.

Premium Article On the Beat: The Prince and the Pauper Numbers

by John Perrotto

Albert Pujols isn't concerned about his slow start, and a chat with Rockies manager Jim Tracy.

Premium Article Overthinking It: Spoiling the Bunch

by Ben Lindbergh

Albert Pujols says he's not worried about his homerless streak because "home runs come in bunches." But is there any truth to the cliche?

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Scouting the Twins' Closer Situation

by Derek Carty

If Matt Capps should fall, where should a smart owner look for Twins saves?

Fantasy Article Value Picks: Starting Pitching for 5/3/12

by Paul Sporer

Capuano, Bass, McDonald, and Wei-Yin Chen join the VP ranks this week

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Thursday, May 3

by Corey Dawkins

An ACL injury claims Mat Gamel, and lower-back injuries snag two other players.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Thursday, May 3

by Matthew Kory

In which the Yankees and Red Sox are in the AL East cellar.

Premium Article The Call-Up: Conor Gillaspie

by Kevin Goldstein

A look at the suddenly new third baseman for the Giants, Conor Gillaspie.

BP Fantasy Podcast: We're in iTunes

by Jason Collette

It's been a struggle but we are in

Premium Article Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 2

by Kevin Goldstein

An outfielder in the Marlins system worth watching and notes from around the minors.

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 2

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 2: a wild, wild night for all of baseball, with Chipper Jones' walkoff home run the most memorable of the night.

What You Need to Know: Thursday, May 3

by Daniel Rathman

Yesterday's games included three walk-offs and a no-hitter.

Wednesday, May 2

Premium Article Future Shock: Dylan Bundy and Future No. 1 Starters

by Kevin Goldstein

We talk about great pitching prospects being Future No. 1 starters, but what does that really mean?

Premium Article Overthinking It: Five Interesting Things from Yesterday's Games

by Ben Lindbergh

Dee Gordon hits his first home run, two bench players push the limits of bad batting, Chris Davis keeps hitting, Clay Hensley exposes the unearned run, Derek Jeter hits cleanly in three of his five at-bats (or does he?), and more.

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Worse Than Pujols, AL Edition

by Jay Jaffe

Albert Pujols may be struggling, but there are major-league regulars doing even worse.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: The Secret to Getting a Hit

by Sam Miller

The Padres pitching staff pools its knowledge about offense in an attempt to snap a hitless streak.

Premium Article The Platoon Advantage: Why Rookies of the Year Fail

by Bill Parker

A BBWAA stamp of approval doesn't mean a glorious career. Chris Coghlan is the latest to prove it.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Rhymes With Longoria

by R.J. Anderson

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper arrive as Evan Longoria falls away.

Premium Article Sobsequy: The Media Meets the Press

by Adam Sobsey

Reviewing Frank Deford's new book, "Over Time," and reflecting on how the advent of the internet has improved the quality of sportswriting.

Prospectus Review: Out of the Park Baseball 13

by Craig Brown

Reviewing the latest edition of the leading baseball simulator game

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Wednesday, May 2

by Corey Dawkins

The Rays lose their top hitter to a hamstring injury.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Wednesday, May 2

by Matthew Kory

It's not all stale cigarettes and bad beer for the Twins. It's mostly stale cigarettes and bad beer for the Twins.

Premium Article The Call-Up: Will Middlebrooks

by Kevin Goldstein

A look a Boston's new temporary third baseman, Will Middlebrooks.

BP Unfiltered: Adam Dunn and the Infield Fly Rule

by Sam Miller

The Infield Fly Rule is easy to explain.

BP Fantasy Podcast: RSS feed finally done

by Jason Collette

It's been a struggle, but the RSS feed it going so you can add the show into iTunes

Premium Article Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of May 1

by Kevin Goldstein

Royals SS Christian Colon and 21 others as Kevin takes his daily trip through the minors.

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for May 1

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for May 1: Brett Lawrie's walkoff and Dee Gordon gets his first career home run.

What You Need to Know: Wednesday, May 2

by Daniel Rathman

Brian Matusz and Jerome Williams both shined on the mound on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, May 1

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: What Could Go Wrong in 2012: Tampa Bay Rays

by Jason Parks

Yes, it's a solid farm system, but nothing's a sure thing with Tampa's prospects.

Premium Article Bizball: The Frank McCourt Era Is Over

by Maury Brown

A look at the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Western Front: As a Manager, He Makes a Good Right Fielder

by Geoff Young

Torii Hunter's suggestion that Mike Scioscia should have had the Angels bunt does not make sense.

Premium Article The Process: Post-Draft Rankings: You're Doing it Wrong

by Bradley Ankrom

The 2000 draft serves as an example of why knee-jerk reactions to the draft are often premature.

Premium Article Painting the Black: Peavy Does It

by R.J. Anderson

Jake Peavy doesn't have Jake Peavy's fastball anymore. Here's how he is still good.

Baseball Prospectus News: Introducing the Revamped Baseball Prospectus Glossary

by R.J. Anderson

We've cleaned out the clutter and updated our definitions, so it's now easier than ever to understand us.

Baseball ProGUESTus: Spitting Imaging

by Rob Warmowski

A comedic solution to the problem of paying for FIELDf/x.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: September Surges, April Struggles

by Jason Collette

A look at the players many predicted breakouts for based on strong September performances

Fantasy Article Value Picks: First, Third, and DH for 5/1/12

by Michael Street

As the first month of the season closes, Michael's Value Picks list only loses two players, although it won't be long until the list graduates a few more members.

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Tuesday, May 1

by Corey Dawkins

The Phillies' injury parade continues.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Tuesday, May 1

by Matthew Kory

The Rangers are so doggone good we got too excited and made a Yu/you joke.

Inside The Park Blog: On Total Bases and an Obscure Character of Lore

by Bradford Doolittle

Re-discovering the odd name on one of baseball's most famous lists.

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for April 30

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for April 30: Ryan Braun comes oh-so-close to hitting four home runs in one game.

Premium Article Future Shock Blog: Minor League Update: Games of April 30

by Kevin Goldstein

A look at Pirates SS Alen Hanson and notes from around the day in the minors.

What You Need to Know: Tuesday, May 1

by Daniel Rathman

Ryan Braun had a game for the ages at Petco Park.

Monday, April 30

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: The Hate List, Part II

by Jay Jaffe

What's Jay's beef with your team?

Changing Speeds: Pelotero, or, There's Sano Business Like Show Business

by Ken Funck

Reviewing a new documentary about the often agonizing July 2nd signing process for international amateur prospects.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Jordan Walden and Small Samples

by Sam Miller

What numbers do we look at when no number is large enough?

Premium Article Future Shock: Monday Morning Ten Pack

by Kevin Goldstein

OMG, you've never heard of Hanser Alberto? You totally should.

Premium Article Out of Left Field: The Walking Dead

by Matthew Kory

These orthopedic boots are made for walking.

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Make That Trade

by Derek Carty

Some say April is a bad time to trade. They're wrong.

Premium Article Collateral Damage Daily: Monday, April 30

by Corey Dawkins

Ryan Zimmerman's injury leads to Bryce Harper getting the call.

Premium Article The Prospectus Hit List: Monday, April 30

by Matthew Kory

Your only place to find out if Albert Pujols is hitting well.

BP Unfiltered: Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball

by Dan Brooks

Saber Seminar August 4-5

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for April 29

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for April 29: Helton's pinch hit salami, Figgins' second leadoff homer, and Stanton finally clears the fences.

BP Unfiltered: Billy Hamilton is Very Fast

by Sam Miller

Reds shortstop prospect Billy Hamilton runs fast.

BP Unfiltered: Prospect Tracker Adds Leaderboards

by Bradley Ankrom

The Prospect Tracker adds leaderboards and classification, league filtering.

Wezen-Ball: How to Give the Game Back to Its Fans

by Larry Granillo

A 1957 list of not very good ideas for how to give the "game back to its fans."

What You Need to Know: Monday, April 30

by Daniel Rathman

Bryce Harper's presence and early contributions gives the Nationals a happy glimpse into the future.

BP Unfiltered: Brooks Baseball Joins Forces with Baseball Prospectus

by Joe Hamrahi

Brooks Baseball Joins Baseball Prospectus

Sunday, April 29

Tater Trot Tracker: Trot Times for April 28

by Larry Granillo

The tater trots for April 28: Matt Kemp spoils Bryce Harper's debut, does a crazy dance.

BP Unfiltered: Baseball Prospectus & The Newberg Report Night at Rangers Ballpark- June 24, 2012

by Joe Hamrahi

Stadium Tour continues with The Newberg Report in Texas

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