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Week ending on Thursday, April 5 2012.


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Thursday, April 5

Premium Article On the Beat: The Phillies' Achilles

by John Perrotto

Though they're down two stars, the Phillies believe they have the support they need to make it through the season.

Baseball Prospectus News: Opening Day Roundtable

by Ben Lindbergh

Join the BP staff for an Opening Day roundtable beginning at 1:00 PM ET on Thursday afternoon.

Premium Article Research Mailbag: Worst. Lineup. Ever.

by Bradley Ankrom

This week's mailbag discusses pitchers gobbling up vulture wins, organizational depth as an indicator of spring training performance, and the worst Opening Day lineups ever.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Getting Caught Up Before Opening Day

by R.J. Anderson

Jonathon Niese joins the parade of extensions.

Tater Trot Tracker: It's Groundhog Day, Bob. Who're You Gonna Call?

by Larry Granillo

Bill Murray, the Cubs special first-pitch guest, had other ideas this Opening Day.

Future Shock Blog: Top 101 Prospects: Opening Day Assignments

by Kevin Goldstein

And updated Top 101 list with opening day assignments.

Inside The Park Blog: New Beginnings

by Bradford Doolittle

Some news and notes from Opening Day at Wrigley Field.

BP Podcast: Episode 88: Face Down Looking For Trash

by Kevin Goldstein

We follow up last week's major league preview show with the minor league version, and with Jason back in Brooklyn, it's a return to standard podcast form. After rolling through your emails, we talk about Yankees and Phillies prospects in the name of completion and then it's 30 minutes of hardcore prospect talk as Jason and I each pick five players we will be watching intensely this season. Inspired by an email, our special guest is right-hander Steve Palazzolo who discusses the career of a journeyman who has pitched for three organizations and in three different independent leagues, and then the hawk trap guys makes a return appearance in our listener of the week segment, as he does not trap hawks anymore. Then it's the goofy stuff, including a very special musical guest and as always, we hope you enjoy.

Wezen-Ball: New Era's New Rivalry

by Larry Granillo

Chicago superfans Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson trade barbs about the other's favorite team.

The BP First Take: Thursday, April 5

by Daniel Rathman

The Reds might be making a mistake by not starting Chris Heisey.

The BP Wayback Machine: Another Opening Day

by Kevin Goldstein

What was Kevin excited about six Opening Days ago?

Wednesday, April 4

Premium Article Future Shock: NL East Prospect Preview

by Kevin Goldstein

Kevin's stroll around the big league divisions stops in the NL East, featuring a lot of high-profile talent that could move early.

Premium Article Overthinking It: It Could Happen

by Ben Lindbergh

For baseball's underdogs, why not here, why not now?

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Loose Threads: West Division

by Jay Jaffe

What are some of the nagging questions up and down the West Coast?

Raising Aces: Pitchology 101

by Doug Thorburn

BP's new expert on pitcher mechanics debuts with a primer on the most important components of the pitching motion.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: The War on Opening Day

by Sam Miller

Opening Day is now Opening Days, but Bug Selig's efforts to attract more casual fans by spacing out the openers haven't spoiled the return of regular-season baseball.

Manufactured Runs: Tragedy of the Commons

by Colin Wyers

Long-term extensions for star players may be shortsighted moves by teams.

The Platoon Advantage: Last Expo Standing

by Bill Parker

With Vladimir Guerrero pondering Japan, Bill asks who will be the baseball's final ex-Expo.

The Lineup Card: 11 Bench Players Who Could Have a Big Impact

Baseball Prospectus

Which players riding the pine might have a significant say in their teams' win totals?

Premium Article Collateral Damage: How Much Pain Could the Doctor (Up)Chuck?

by Corey Dawkins and Stephani Bee

Andrew Bailey will be hitting the surgical table soon, a pitcher finds extra discomfort while vomiting, and the AL East bullpens suddenly look much thinner.

Premium Article Sobsequy: Flipping Quad-A Players

by Adam Sobsey

The unexpected success of a Triple-A retread can be more rewarding than the continued excellence of a major-league veteran.

The BP First Take: Wednesday, April 4

by Daniel Rathman

The Marlins have an ace in the hole that could help them scoop the NL East title

Wezen-Ball: An Opening Day Annoyance

by Larry Granillo

One writer did not like how 1959's Opening Day was overshadowed by the introduction of seven would-be astronauts.

Tuesday, April 3

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: 12 Years For Joey Votto

by Ben Lindbergh

Joey Votto is a Red forever, and Matt Cain makes Giants fans forget about Zito.

Premium Article Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Spring Training Diary: Last Entry

by Jason Parks

Jason's time in Arizona comes to an end, but not before he reflects on how much March baseball means.

Premium Article Western Front: Is Will Venable Underrated or Overrated? Probably.

by Geoff Young

Will Venable is entering his prime years, but his career numbers leave people guessing as to whether he is extremely overrated or underrated.

Premium Article The Process: Which College Programs Have Produced the Most Value?

by Bradley Ankrom

Investigating the first 10 rounds of the 1965-2001 drafts to determine which four-year school has produced the most major-league value.

Baseball ProGUESTus: The Tensest Series of All Time

by Dave Studeman

Leverage Index offers a method of identifying the most dramatic of all post-season series.

Painting the Black: 2012 Milestones Watch

by R.J. Anderson

Looking ahead to baseball's most significant personal achievements.

Fantasy Article Value Picks: First, Third, and DH for 4/3/12

by Michael Street

Michael looks at the fate of several first-round draft picks at the corner infield spots in Colorado, Minnesota, and San Diego, and peeks at some Spring Training stats in Playing Pepper.

Monday, April 2

Premium Article Future Shock: NL Central Prospect Preview

by Kevin Goldstein

Kevin runs down who to keep an eye on, and for what reasons, in the NL Central.

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Loose Threads: Central Division

by Jay Jaffe

What are some of the big questions surrounding the AL and NL Central?

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Mike Trout and the 20-Year Contract

by Sam Miller

Are team-friendly contract extensions signed early in players' careers about to become a lot longer?

Premium Article Bizball: Inside MLB's Social Media Policy for Players

by Maury Brown

A look at MLB's new policy for how clubs and players can interact with fans in social media

Transaction Analysis: Even More Extensions

by R.J. Anderson

Indians, Royals lock up two of 2011's breakout stars

Premium Article Out of Left Field: Predictions That, God Help Us, Are Wrong

by Matthew Kory

Matt envisions the lesser moments of the 2012 baseball season.

Premium Article Collateral Damage: Spring Tune-Ups

by Corey Dawkins and Stephani Bee

Soreness and tendinitis plague several ballplayers just before the regular season begins.

Fantasy Article Resident Fantasy Genius: Common Players on my 2012 Fantasy Teams

by Derek Carty

Whether he was expecting them or not, these guys are all over Derek's drafts.

BP Unfiltered: This Isn't Baseball. It's About Autism

by Maury Brown

On International Autism Awareness Day, we set aside baseball for a moment.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Comparing CBS, LABR, and Tout NL Prices

by Jason Collette

A look at how player values have changed in the weeks leading up to Opening Day

BP Unfiltered: Earning our Varsity Letters [Updated]

by Jay Jaffe

In conjunction with the publication of Extra Innings, Steven Goldman and Jay Jaffe will read at the popular NYC sports book series.

The BP First Take: Monday, April 2

by Daniel Rathman

There is too little evidence in the Troy Tulowitzki-Ubaldo Jimenez spat to draw definitive conclusions.

Friday, March 30

Pebble Hunting: Your Job Sucks, and So Does Bobby Abreu's

by Sam Miller

We don't like to hear baseball players complain about their lots in life, but can we blame them for not counting their blessings?

Premium Article Future Shock: AL West Prospect Preview

by Kevin Goldstein

Our trip around the big-league divisions continues with a look at the top prospects of the AL West.

Premium Article Prospectus Hit and Run: Loose Threads: East Edition

by Jay Jaffe

Spring training is nearly over, but each team still has some nagging questions to answer.

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: Moneyball: The Prequel

by Sam Miller

Decades before Billy Beane and Ricardo Rincon, there was Steve Boros and "computer baseball."

Premium Article Collateral Damage: Let the Games Begin

by Corey Dawkins and Stephani Bee

The regular season kicks off, but the Mariners have already suffered multiple casualties.

Premium Article Overthinking It: Are the Phillies Too Old to Win?

by Ben Lindbergh

The defending NL East champs should gather their titles while they may, since the same Phillies that flower today tomorrow will be dying.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: BP Preseason Fantasy Baseball Awards

Baseball Prospectus

The BP Fantasy Crew gives their opinions on sleepers, overrated players, and more

The BP Wayback Machine: Defending Jeffrey

by Nate Silver

Once upon a time, the Marlins were big sellers, not big buyers. Their reputation took years to recover from their last big sell-off, but are firesales sometimes justified?

Fantasy Article Fantasy Beat: Comparing CBS, LABR, and Tout AL Prices

by Jason Collette

A look at how spring performance has impacted player auction prices

The BP First Take: Friday, March 30

by Daniel Rathman

While several backstops have been locked up lately, the Diamondbacks might not be so lucky with Miguel Montero.

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