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November 21, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Royals Top 11 Prospects

by Kevin Goldstein

Even after a ton of graduations to the majors, the Royals can still top the prospect charts.

November 16, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Let's Make a Deal

by Kevin Goldstein

If the Phillies dealt Cole Hamels, what kind of prospect haul would they receive?

November 15, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Baltimore Orioles Top 11 Prospects

by Kevin Goldstein

The O's possess a pair of potential impact players, but they lack the depth of their AL East counterparts

November 11, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 72: Get Back To The Frosty

by Kevin Goldstein

It's a combination of fun and serious this week. We begin with lots of prospect talk, as we walk through the Seattle Mariners Top 11 list and finish off our discussion of every team in baseball's minor league system with the final five teams. We couldn't have a show without talking about Yoenis Cespedes, so we discuss the video, what kind of player he really is, and then are joined by Dominican broadcaster Kevin Cabral, who is the voice you hear at the beginning of the show. Kevin talks about his involvement in the video, as well as some changes going on in the winter league there. From there, things get somber, as we discuss the Wilson Ramos kidnapping and are joined by pitcher Scott Drucker, a right-handed pitcher currently in Venezuela, who takes you inside the clubhouse on the night the news broke, and talks about security measure for players there. Then it's onto the goofy stuff with music, drinking and brushes with greatness. As always, we hope you enjoy.

November 10, 2011

Future Shock: Wilson Ramos is Kidnapped

by Kevin Goldstein

Sadly, baseball is not the real world.

November 9, 2011

Future Shock: Scouting Cespedes Aftermath

by Kevin Goldstein

Kevin talks with the creator of the Yoenis Cepedes scouting video

Premium Article Future Shock: Seattle Mariners Top 11 Prospects

by Kevin Goldstein

Enviable pitching talent helps make up for a lack of position prospects in Seattle's system.

November 7, 2011

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: The Melk Man Cometh to San Fran

by R.J. Anderson and Kevin Goldstein

The Royals trade Melky Cabrera to the Giants for Jonathan Sanchez and a prospect

Future Shock: Yoenis Cespedes: The Showcase

by Kevin Goldstein

Blow-by-blow recap of the incredible scouting video of top international prospect Yoenis Cespedes

November 3, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Twins Top 11 Prospects

by Kevin Goldstein

It was a miserable year for Minnesota's big-league club, and things aren't much happier for reinforcements down on the farm.

BP Podcast: Episode 71: 80 Grade Clown

by Kevin Goldstein

We had no time for guests. We just wanted to do a quick show and talk about some off-season beginnings and a lot of prospects. How it ended this long we're not sure. We're both talkers, and let's face it, tales a clowns and blood have to be included. As always, we hope you enjoy.

November 2, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Wednesday Ten-Pack

by Kevin Goldstein

Prospect action in the Dominican, Mexican, and Venezuelan winter leagues.

November 1, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Astros Top 11 Prospects

by Kevin Goldstein

Trades have bolstered Houston's system, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

Transaction Analysis: The Derek Lowedown

by Ben Lindbergh and Kevin Goldstein

The Indians go all in on groundballers by trading for Derek Lowe and picking up Fausto Carmona's option, while the Braves clear some payroll and rotation room.

October 31, 2011

Premium Article Kiss'Em Goodbye: Texas Rangers

by Ben Lindbergh, Kevin Goldstein and ESPN Insider

With or without Wilson, Texas should have enough to make another World Series run

Premium Article Kiss'Em Goodbye: St. Louis Cardinals

by Ben Lindbergh, Kevin Goldstein and ESPN Insider

With Albert Pujols, the Cardinals should be a NL Central favorite next season

October 27, 2011

BP Podcast: Episode 70: The Real Life Bimbo Bear

by Kevin Goldstein

Hey! Look! It's a normal sized show! Jason and I go through the email, talk about Theo, the CBA announcement that wasn't, and plenty of prospect before being joined by friend of the show Andy McCullough of the Newark Star Ledger who talks to us about the World Series, and what it's like to cover one. Then it's extended goofy stuff with dueling That Just Happened stories. Please note that there are some audio issue that I did my best to address, as my audio levels fluctuated for unknown reasons. It's not perfect, but the only other option was now show, and as always, we hope you enjoy.

October 25, 2011

Premium Article Future Shock: Tuesday-Morning Ten-Pack for 10/25/11

by Kevin Goldstein

The A's might find the power threat they've longed for in the AFL, while a Braves first-base prospect might not be what he seems.

October 20, 2011

Future Shock Blog: Top 11 Prospects Are Coming!

by Kevin Goldstein

Once the World Series ends, it's prospect season.

October 19, 2011

Premium Article Kiss'Em Goodbye: Milwaukee Brewers

by Ben Lindbergh, Kevin Goldstein and ESPN Insider

The return of Prince Fielder is crucial, since the Brewers don't have a rich farm system

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