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November 15, 2000

Still Here?: Revisiting The Baseball Book 1992, Pt. 2

by James Kushner

November 8, 2000

Still Here?: Revisiting The Baseball Book 1992, Pt. 1

by James Kushner

December 13, 1999

The Greatest Home Run Hitters of All Time: Who would have hit the most long balls in 1998?

by James Kushner

June 11, 1999

The Best Teams in Baseball History, Revisited: Now, a look at teams over a period of years

by James Kushner

July 28, 1998

The Best Teams in Baseball History: An Attempt to Correct for Competitive Balance

by James Kushner

February 25, 1998

Abstract Progress: Rebuttal and Reply: Reader response on Bill James' influence

by James Kushner and Steven Rubio

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