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Monday, January 23

Fantasy Article State of the Position: Second Base

by George Bissell

The 30,000-foot-high view of the keystone for fantasy purposes.

Fantasy Article Early ADP Analysis: Second Base

by Matt Collins

A look at where keystoners have been selected in the early batch of drafts this spring.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Target: Second Base

by BP Fantasy Staff

Our staff identifies some potential fantasy value plays at the keystone.

Fantasy Article The Quinton: Second Base and Changes in Landscape

by Jeff Quinton

How to adapt to the sudden abundance of fantasy riches at the keystone.

Prospectus Feature: Command and Control

by Jeff Long, Jonathan Judge and Harry Pavlidis

Introducing new tools to evaluate command and control through the lens of strikes.

Premium Article 2017 Prospects: San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff

There’s a real big pile of sticks. You know you better stop messin’ around.

Premium Article Flu-Like Symptoms: New Year's Resolutions: Control

by Rob Mains

Using our new pitching metrics to ask new questions.

Transaction Analysis: Trumbo Stays in Baltimore

by Matthew Trueblood

Mark Trumbo returned to the Orioles after finding the free agent market somewhat lacking.

Rumor Roundup: Don’t Call Him the Comeback Kid

by Ashley Varela

Tim Lincecum refuses to retire, Yu Darvish contemplates a contract extension, and Tyson Ross gets a revised start date.

Sunday, January 22

BP Milwaukee: Baserunning Havoc

by Nathan Desutter

Great speed and tons of aggression doesn't always equal positive value.

BP Boston: Dave Dombrowski and the Three-Year Window

by Matthew Kory

Boston's young core is set up to win now, but things could start to get tricky soon.

Players Prefer Presentation: Would You Like to Play a Game of Telephone?

by Meg Rowley

What would managers and catchers chat about if they had NFL-style headsets?

Transaction Analysis: Reds Cash In Straily

by Bryan Grosnick and Steve Givarz

Miami further empties out a weak farm system to get Dan Straily from Cincinnati.

Friday, January 20

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape, Dynasty Edition: A.J. Reed vs. Dan Vogelbach

by George Bissell

Which of these two big boppers is the better long-term fantasy bet?

Fantasy Article Player Profile: Miguel Cabrera

by Matt Collins

Can the Tigers star keep on roaring in 2017?

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: American League First Basemen

by Mike Gianella

An overview of the fantasy options at this position in the junior circuit.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Avoid: First Basemen

by BP Fantasy Staff

You might want to let someone else draft or buy these players in your leagues this spring.

2017 Prospects: Colorado Rockies Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro, Wilson Karaman and BP Prospect Staff

My, look at the price. This could be nice. You’ve covered all your bases.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: One More Go-Round in Toronto

by Bryan Grosnick

Bats on Bats on Bats on Bats.

Rumor Roundup: Hunting Starters

by Demetrius Bell

Houston wants rotation help, Minnesota wants veterans, and Canada wants to turn back the clock.

Thursday, January 19

Fantasy Article Dynasty League Positional Rankings: The Top 50 First Basemen

by Bret Sayre

Stacking up the players at this position for the long haul.

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: National League First Basemen

by Scooter Hotz

A look at the menu of options at this position in the senior circuit.

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape: Brandon Belt vs. C.J. Cron

by Mark Barry

Which of these two alliterative West Coasters is the better bet for your fantasy team in 2017?

Fantasy Article Dynasty League Positional Rankings Continued: First Basemen on the Ocean Floor

by Wilson Karaman

A deeper dive into the fantasy future at this position.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Extension Party

by Bryan Grosnick, Jared Wyllys and Matthew Trueblood

You get an extension. And you get an extension. And you get an extension.

Flu-Like Symptoms: New Year's Resolutions: Pitchers' Plate Discipline

by Rob Mains

Does better plate discipline for pitchers yield better results?

Wednesday, January 18

Flags Fly Forever Podcast: Ep. 115: Animal Crackers

by George Bissell, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre

George Bissell, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre of Baseball Prospectus take a deep dive into current fantasy baseball topics.

Fantasy Article Get to Know: First Base Prospects

by Ben Carsley

A window into the fantasy future at the cold corner.

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape: Tommy Joseph vs. Eric Thames

by Bryan Joiner

Is the second-year Phillie or the new, KBO-destroying Brewer a better fantasy bet in 2017?

Fantasy Article The Adjuster: First Base

by Eric Roseberry

Identifying players who see their values rise or fall in OBP and points formats.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Three-Year Projections: First Base

by Greg Wellemeyer

Stacking up players at this position based on their projected fantasy values through the end of the 2019 season.

Premium Article 2017 Prospects: Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro, Wilson Karaman and BP Prospect Staff

I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of California stars.

Cold Takes: Why Do Hall of Fame Voters Love Relievers?

by Patrick Dubuque

And it's not just about save totals.

Rubbing Mud: Dozier and the Doyers

by Matthew Trueblood

Brian Dozier is still in Minnesota, but maybe the Dodgers and the Twins were right to balk at a deal.

Outta Left Field: Cooperstown Changes

by Dustin Palmateer

Limitless ballots could make for Hall of Fame overkill, but maybe there's a simple solution.

Rumor Roundup: Must-See TV

by Emma Baccellieri

Alex Rodriguez gets a TV show, the Tigers look for a center fielder, and the Rays add a former closer.

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