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Thursday, January 29

Baseball ProGUESTus: Why College Bats Disappeared From the Top of the Draft

by Christopher Crawford

And the players who this year are poised to upset the trend.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Aaron Sanchez Is This Close To Saving 38 Games and Winning Rookie of the Year

by Chris Mosch

Alex Anthopolous gives some hints as to who'll be collecting saves in Toronto this year.

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape, Dynasty Edition: Maikel Franco vs. D.J. Peterson

by Ben Carsley

Which of these two third basemen is likely to be more valuable over the long haul?

Fantasy Article Dynasty League Positional Rankings: Top 50 Third Basemen

by Bret Sayre

Taking the long view of the hot corner.

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: National League Third Basemen

by Keith Cromer

This player pool might be deeper than you think.

Prospectus Feature: The PECOTA Release

by Mike Gianella and Rob McQuown

Tackling a few relevant topics on PECOTA day.

The BP Wayback Machine: The Science of Forecasting

by Nate Silver

Eleven years ago, Nate Silver considered PECOTA.

BP Experts Prospect Mock Draft: Rounds 3-4

by BP Fantasy Staff

From Jose Peraza to Trea Turner, picks 31-60 come off the board.

Wednesday, January 28

The Lineup Card: Eight Final Moves

Baseball Prospectus

Staff members pick teams and explain the finishing touches they should make to their rosters before spring training.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Reds' Mes Around

by R.J. Anderson

Cincinnati locks up its breakout catcher, while Jack Z retains his two old pairs of jeans.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Only Half Of These Rumors Concern Kevin Correia

by Daniel Rathman

The Indians are counting on more from one of their stars, while the Astros are talking to [quizzically stares at cue card for 15 seconds before saying] one of the best pitchers available.

Fantasy Article The Adjuster: Third Base

by Wilson Karaman

A look at which hot-corner players move up or down if you play in OBP or points formats.

BP Unfiltered: People Are Currently Reading The 2015 BP Annual And You Could Be Next

by Jason Wojciechowski

The Annual is out.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 605: Emails for the Asking

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam answer listener emails about a world without the minors, bigger bats, Ernie Banks, and more.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Three-Year Projections: Top 30 Third Basemen

by J.P. Breen

Ranking the third sackers from now through the end of the 2017 season.

Fantasy Article The Quinton: Third Base and Avoiding Result-Driven Strategy

by Jeff Quinton

Why tweaking a sound plan because of last year's outcomes could be problematic going forward.

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: American League Third Basemen

by Nick Shlain

Examining the junior-circuit options at the hot corner.

Premium Article 2015 Prospects: Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospects

by Nick J. Faleris and BP Prospect Staff

The Rangers system continues to be stocked with high-end talent oozing with potential.

Premium Article Skewed Left: Favorite PECOTA Comps

by Zachary Levine

The author takes a look at some of the names PECOTA comes up with as comparisons to certain players, from the odd to the interesting.

Tuesday, January 27

BP Experts Prospect Mock Draft: Rounds 1-2

by Bret Sayre

The top 30 names come off the board.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: The Dodgers + Yoan Moncada Is So Obvious

by Daniel Rathman

The Royals haven't ruled out bringing back their ace, but that's a far cry from bringing back their ace; the Brewers and K-Rod might be stuck with each other; and the Dodgers workout Moncada.

Flags Fly Forever Podcast: Ep. 40: Weathermen

by Bret Sayre, Mike Gianella and Mauricio Rubio

Bret and Mike take a deep dive into current fantasy baseball topics.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Tiered Rankings: Third Base

by Craig Goldstein

Breaking down the position into fantasy-value-based bins.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Infographic: Third Base

by Mauricio Rubio

A visual ranking of the players at the hot corner and their projected statistical contributions.

Fantasy Article Get to Know: Third-Base Prospects

by Ben Carsley

Looking into the pipeline for future contributors at the hot corner.

The Week in Quotes: January 19-26, 2015

by Chris Mosch and Nick Wheatley-Schaller

Running through the notable quotes from the week that was.

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape: Evan Longoria vs. Carlos Santana

by Matt Collins

Which of these power bats is a better fantasy bet this year?

Premium Article Before They Were Prospects: AL Central

by Patrick Ebert and David Rawnsley

A look back at some of the top prospects in the AL Central, including Kohl Stewart, Clint Frazier, and Kyle Zimmer.

Baseball Therapy: Why Saber-Savvy Teams Might Want a Shift Ban

by Russell A. Carleton

Maybe stathead teams don't love their favorite strategy as much as you'd think.

Monday, January 26

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: What It Means To Have The Best Farm System In Baseball, Part Three

by Sam Miller

Last year it was the Twins. The year before, the Cardinals. This year, probably the Cubs. But what's it worth when your favorite team has the league's best farm system?

Premium Article Daisy Cutter: (A)nother (S)eason (T)hreatening (R)ecords (O)f (S)trikeouts

by Sahadev Sharma

PECOTA likes the Astros' chances of producing insane strikeout totals. Also, more importantly, it likes the Astros' chances of scoring copious runs.

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Miami Ich

by R.J. Anderson

Geo Soto goes to the other side of Chicago, Jonny Gomes goes back to the NL, Vogelsong returns to SF and Ichiro is going to be a Marlin.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Papelbon Not Proven Closer To Milwaukee

by Chris Mosch

Trade talks with the Phillies have stalled, while Matt Dominguez faces new competition this year.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Target: Third Basemen

by BP Fantasy Staff

Keep these hot-corner players in mind in your drafts and auctions this spring

Fantasy Article State of the Position: Third Base

by Mike Gianella

Sizing up the position from a fantasy point of view.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 604: PECOTA's Surprising Pitcher Projections

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam share their thoughts on some of PECOTA's most surprising pitcher projections.

Premium Article 2015 Prospects: Kansas City Royals Top 10 Prospects

by Nick J. Faleris and BP Prospect Staff

Strong drafts and international acquisitions keeps the Royals system strong despite development hiccups for some higher profile names.

Friday, January 23

Premium Article Pebble Hunting: The Pitchers Who Changed PECOTA's Mind

by Sam Miller

PECOTA likes a few pitchers quite a bit more than it did a year ago. What did those arms do to deserve better projections?

Premium Article Raising Aces: Best and Worst Mechanics: NL East

by Doug Thorburn

The best and worst pitcher mechanics in the NL East are broken down.

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Everth Cabrera is a Wanted Man

by Daniel Rathman

The Blue Jays might be interested in an infielder with legal troubles, while the Orioles might demand a substantial return if they let Dan Duquette go.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Avoid: Second Basemen

by BP Fantasy Staff

You might want to veer away from these keystoners in your drafts and auctions this spring.

Fantasy Article TTO Scoresheet Podcast: Bonus Podcast: Mock Draft

by Ian Lefkowitz, Ben Murphy and Jared Weiss

The Outcomes welcome John R. Mayne and Nate Stephens to discuss the recent mock draft.

Fantasy Article TTO Scoresheet Podcast: Second Base

by Ian Lefkowitz, Ben Murphy and Jared Weiss

The Outcomes stack up the keystone for Scoresheet leagues.

Fantasy Article Player Profile: Arismendy Alcantara

by Nick Shlain

Is there reason to be patient with the Cubs utility man after a shaky debut in 2014?

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 603: Dirk Hayhurst on Pace and the Batter-Pitcher Balance of Power

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam talk to former major leaguer Dirk Hayhurst about the player's perspective on MLB's efforts to speed up games.

The Lineup Card: Eight Intriguing PECOTA Projections

Baseball Prospectus

The staff is either surprised, excited or just amused by these outputs from PECOTA's crystal ball.

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