Ladies and gentlemen of the judging pool and everyone else besides, we hope you had a great weekend. It’s Monday-one day later than we normally meet, but we had some extra work to do to get things squared up for our competition this week. As always, I’m Dave Pease, and this is the Prospectus Idol finale.

Whew. One second here-let me catch my breath. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the gravity of the situation. This is very exciting.

We’ve got an action-packed last week of the contest for you here. Our top three contenders have been with us all the way, and now they’re faced with the final round of the competition, and someone’s going home a winner. Here are this week’s contestant instructions:

Welcome to the finals. You are the final three. In a week, one of you will be a Baseball Prospectus columnist and $1,000 richer. For your final theme, you will … do whatever you like. Your topic, your passion, your words. There are no limits, but please keep the length reasonable and readable. It must be original. There can be no part of this previously published. It’s ok to refer to previous work done by yourself, but it must be substantially original. The article must be in by SUNDAY at noon pacific. The articles will be posted Monday and the winner announced on Wednesday, the day after the All-Star Game.

In addition, you must-at some point between now and Monday-pick one of the “Suggest-A-Topic” suggestions and write an Unfiltered-style post.

You’ll have a double dose of content from each contestant this week-an article on a topic entirely of their choosing, and an Unfiltered post on a topic selected from the “Suggest-A-Topic” comment thread. (Because we don’t have a display-in-random-order function in Unfiltered, you can get to these Unfiltered posts by clicking links at the top of this week’s articles.) Please use both of these submissions to help you decide how to vote.

You will have until Wednesday, July 15, 8:00 p.m. Pacific to cast your vote in this last week of competition. Click here to visit the Prospectus Idol page.