Good day to you-it’s a beautiful one here in Southern California-and welcome to another episode of Prospectus Idol. I’m Dave Pease, and I want to thank you for reading.

After giving our contestants a lot of rope last week, the rules were flipped around on them this time around: they had hours, rather than days, to produce this week’s entry. This week’s format, courtesy of judge and injury guru Will Carroll:

Now that it’s just five of you, it’s time for Deadline Week. Imagine that you’re bleary eyed, just waking up, but that your editor has emailed and said “I need a piece for tomorrow!” (Oh wait, that just happened!) You can’t just say no (Believe me, I’ve tried.) The only thing to do is buckle down and do your best work in the time you have available.

What will you be writing about? Baseball, of course. Specifically, one of the thirteen games on the schedule for Thursday. Feel free to take any angle, but the piece must be strongly connected to the game. (For instance, you can’t say “I was watching the Cincy – Toronto game and it made me think of Joe Morgan‘s play in 1961 …”) The article must be more than 900 words and you have the ‘soft cap’ of 2000 words at the top end.

I was planning on taking a question from last week’s intro article comments, but I actually didn’t see one. If you’ve got a question for the Idol staff, leave it below. If you’ve got a comment that’s really outstanding, we’ll take that too.

The ability to work on a tight deadline is one of the most important traits of a successful working writer. Were our contestants able to deal with the compressed timeline of Prospectus Idol: Deadline Week? Let’s have a look. Click here to visit the Prospectus Idol page.