The concept behind Flags Fly Forever is that we will aim to cover fewer topics in greater detail than your average fantasy podcast–generally four to five per episode. If you have suggestions for future topics, you can e-mail us at the link below.

This week's topics:

00:00 – 05:24 – Hello! Housekeeping!
05:10 – 33:17- The Leviathan: LABR Talk (AL ResultsNL Results) With Steve Gardner
33:18 – 54:10 – More LABR Talk
54:11 – 1:20:00 – Reliever talk/Do we have to? (one star all stars)
1:20:01 – 1:24:13 – Goodbye!
(BTW, Bret kept saying Ep. 10, we're still on nine, our bad).

And everything you need to listen and enjoy is below this line that I'm typing right now:

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