On Aug. 13, when Matt Davidson was called up to the majors, Chris Mellen wrote this about Davidson's game: "While Davidson is patient at the plate, there is a lot of swing-and-miss in the third baseman’s game." In the following GIF, after which you may concede the year and go off to pursue a more optimistic future, you will see two things:

1. Davidson being patient at the plate

2. Davidson having swing-and-miss in his game

Very, very few hitters are so patient at the plate when it comes to swinging. Most hitters are so eager to swing that they swing right as the ball is going past them; often at the very moment that the ball reaches the plate, leading to a violent collision between bat and ball and resulting in what is generally referred to by baseballheads as "contact." Matt Davidson is very patient at the plate. He waits, and waits. Matt Davidson could outwait an unplugged toaster.

Full play, full speed:

After this play, Davidson was traded to the White Sox. Not immediately after, but immediately after in Matt Davidson years.