Baseball Prospectus and the Oakland Athletics invite you to join us for a great day of baseball on Saturday, July 19 at the Coliseum. Thanks to the fine folks in the A's front office, we are proud to be able to offer our guests the following:

  • Admittance to a meet and greet with special guests and Baseball Prospectus personalities (including Sam Miller, Doug Thorburn, Joe Hamrahi, Daniel Rathman, and Geoff Young) 2 hours prior to game time.
  • ​Question and answer session with industry guests and/or members of the Oakland A's front office.
  • Field level seats at the Coliseum to watch the A's take on the Baltimore Orioles with Baseball Prospectus fans and staff
  • Guests will be treated to 1989 Oakland A's World Series reunion day and receive a throwback tee.
  • A $15 coupon to be used toward a new Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription or your next Premium renewal

Game time is 6:05.

Price: $42.99


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