This is a graph. The X axis is teams. The Y axis is… up to you to figure out. I'll post the graph again, with the Y axis identified, tomorrow morning.

Three clues:

1. Dan Brooks made this graph using data from a metric found here on BP.

2. The majority of the bars won't change for the rest of the year, though a bunch certainly will.

3. This is a graph about 2013.

Winner gets to replace me as the co-host of Effectively Wild forever.


Thursday update.

As Aceathon correctly noted, these are each team's daily playoff odds changes, summed. In one way of looking at this, you might argue that it was better to be an Indians fan this season than a Tigers fan, even if the Indians miss the playoffs. You might argue that. I might argue that, but I sense I wouldn't get very far with most people. Here are a few other looks at the same data:

What's interesting is how much the Royals haven't moved. For all that they have sold themselves as a contender throughout this season, their actual chances haven't fluctuated much more than, say, the Phillies. If they manage to make the playoffs, that's going to be one rapid spike.