"I think it is really neat for the Cleveland Indians
and Florida Marlins to be playing in the World Series. I
think everybody is tired of seeing the Braves."

David Justice

"My graduating class was 125 and so far it’s up to
625 that I graduated with asking for tickets."

Jim Leyland, Marlins manager

"Well, you know. Orel’s getting a little older.
And you’ve got to be a little crafty when you get
older. The older you get, the craftier you get."

Bobby Bonilla, on Orel Hershiser

"We’re looking for four and out. Either way, that’s
what we want. The faster it’s over with, the better it

Don Ohlmeyer, NBC West Coast president

"When I got here, I didn’t know what the socks
were for. But I believe in the socks now. Those socks
took us to the World Series."

Bip Roberts

"I’ve never been accused of it when I get bombed."

Orel Hershiser, on cheating

"When you throw 102 mph, you can put out a lot of
fires. I’m glad he’s on my team."

Jeff Conine, on Robb Nen


"My hair is falling out. I’m tired of seeing every
game coming down to one run, one play, one pitch."

Omar Vizquel

"It’s kind of strange to give the [ALCS] MVP to a
guy that just struck out four times."

Marquis Grissom, who won the award

"No matter how good you are, you have to get
breaks, you have to get lucky, you have to execute."

Kevin Malone, Orioles assistant GM


"If you know me, you know my strike zone. I’m
consistent on both sides of the strike zone. I’ve been
that way for 25 years. I don’t have a problem with

Eric Gregg, umpire

"These things are a crap shoot when you get into
them. You hope you’re hot and you play well. I don’t
feel great about getting beat, but I’ll be the first
one to tell you we had a great season."

Bobby Cox, Braves manager

"Life goes on."

Tom Glavine

"This hurts a lot. The best team did not win and
I’ll never change my mind on that."

Kenny Lofton

"I heard Kenny [Lofton] said the best team didn’t
win, but we’re the one that’s still here. Right now, I
don’t care if they accept it or not."

Devon White

"People have said this team was bought with a lot
of money. But I have news for you: The money is not
what won against Atlanta. The heart, determination and
relentless pursuit of our goal is what won for us."

Kevin Brown

"I’m very happy, but not for me. I’m happy for the
team. I did my part, but we did this together. Everybody
did their part."

Livan Hernandez, named NLCS MVP


"The demolition phase is over."

Sandy Alderson, A’s president

"But if anybody is going to say spending dollars
is the way to win, and that’s all they’re going to do,
I don’t like their chances. A lot of clubs have spent
money through the years. There’s a lot more to it
than that."

Dave Dombrowski, Marlins GM

"Who knows? This thing might die of its own

Peter Magowan, Giants owner, on radical

"To have an effective schedule and one that works
for all teams, we need to play an unbalanced schedule.
We can’t have that without more realignment."

Bud Selig, acting commissioner

"It doesn’t have the atmosphere. You come here and
you can have 30,000 people here and it’s like drinking
in an empty bar."

Wayne Huizenga, Marlins owner, on Pro Player

"In this country, the first thing you’ve got to do
is don’t go crazy."

Livan Hernandez