The in-depth organizational depth charts formerly available at have now officially transitioned to Baseball Prospectus! Not everything has moved, but the most important feature, the team pages, has.

Click here to access the MLBDC homepage at Baseball Prospectus. You can access this page from anywhere at BP by mousing over the "Depth Charts" button on the navbar at the top of the site, then clicking on "MLBDepthCharts Home." (Please note that the depth charts containing the playing time projections that power PECOTA are still alive and well on their own homepage, which is accessible through the same dropdown menu. I maintain both sets of depth charts, so they should match up at the major-league level.)
You'll see the links for all 30 teams on this page. From each individual page, you'll be able to jump to other team pages with the quick links at the top. I'll be re-directing all links on the home page of over to BP.
And don't worry if you're not a BP subscriber. This content will remain free (although you may see some related links to content that is accessible only by subscribers).
The process to re-create features that you're familiar with at MLBDC, and new features, will be based on priority determined by reader feedback. So if there's something that you cannot function without, please send me an email at, and let me know. For anything we decide is integral, we will try to create (or recreate) it here at Baseball Prospectus as soon as possible, or make it easily available on the site.
This move is being made to provide me with more resources so I can continue to add great features for readers. I will also have a much easier editing system in place to ensure that the depth charts are updated as quickly as possible.
Please let me know if you have any questions and concerns.