Photo courtesy of @RaysBaseball.

It's Pi Day, the geekiest holiday of the year (that's 'pi' as in π = 3.14 = March 14 = 3/14)! It's time to carry on the tradition of year's past, where we honor any ballplayers who had a 'Pi (π) Career'—that is, they ended their careers with "3-1-4 career _____".

As before, I've included any pitchers who ended their career with a 3.14 ERA (minimum of 1,000 IP), or with 314 career wins, saves, quality starts, or complete games. I've also included any position players who ended their career with a .314 batting average, on-base percentage, or slugging percentage (minimum of 1,000 games played) or with 314 career home runs, doubles, or stolen bases. I chose these stats because they were all positive stats that a long-time player could all realistically achieve (though a .314 OBP or SLG isn't very great). There are actually only a very few players who meet any of these criteria, so it works out well for us here. Any other suggestions for pi-statistics are welcome.

I'm also included players who managed any pi numbers in the 2012 season.

Without further ado, here are this year's 'Pi (π) Players':

2012 Season
.314 Batting Average: Xavier Paul, Jhonatan Solano
.314 On-Base Percentage: Mark Kotsay, Nate McLouth, Ty Wigginton, Adam Lind, Desmond Jennings
.314 Slugging Percentage: (none)
3.14 ERA: Sam Lecure, Ted Lilly
.314 True Average: Justin Ruggiano
3.14 FIP: (none)

Career Pitching
3.14 ERA (min. 1,000 IP): Bert Gallia, Leon Cadore, Tug McGraw, Mike Marshall, Mike Cuellar
314 Wins: Gaylord Perry
314 Complete Games: Joe McGinnity, Burleigh Grimes
314 Quality Starts: Kevin Brown
314 Saves: Robb Nen

Career Batting
.314 Average (min. 1,000 Games): Bibb Falk, Cecil Travis
.314 On-Base Percentage: Miguel Cairo*, Mookie Wilson, Marlon Anderson, Bobby Tolan, Terry Kennedy, Don Kessinger and 8 others
.314 Slugging Percentage: Otis Nixon, Abraham Nunez, Jose Uribe, Jimmy Austin, Miller Huggins
314 HR: Reggie Smith
314 Doubles: Pete Fox
314 Stolen Bases: Andre Dawson, Rafael Furcal*

These players should be remembered every Pi Day (especially the less familiar names, like Bibb Falk or Bert Gallia). It's their legacy.