A new version of the Player Forecast Manager (PFM) is now available. It allows you to see what players are worth in your fantasy league based on both in-season and past-season data.

Soon, the regular PFM will be updated with data from the 2013 PECOTAs. However, if you would still like to generate values based on the as-is 2012 stats—or stats from any of the past five seasons—this functionality will be available in the new PFM Year-to-Date (YTD). When the season begins, you will also be able to use PFM YTD to generate values for your league based on 2013 statistics.

An additional feature of PFM YTD is the ability to average multiple seasons. Rather than basing evaluations on stats from either 2012 or 2011, you can base it on an average of the two, or even a three-year average of 2010-2012.

The major functionality does not differ between the two editions of PFM. What you will notice in the new edition are two fields for selecting years:

Currently, data for the years 2008-2012 have been loaded, so you can generate values for any one of those seasons individually or choose one year as the "from" and one as the "to" to calculate the values based on player averages over those years.

Click here to access the new PFM YTD. Have fun!