In recent days, we’ve started to receive a steady stream of questions about Baseball Prospectus 2013, the upcoming PECOTA release, and the start of this season’s fantasy subscriptions. This post is an attempt to address all of those questions in one place. Let’s take them one by one:

Baseball Prospectus 2013
Baseball Prospectus 2013, the 18th edition of our bestselling annual, is available for preorder through and for $14.38, a 42 percent discount off the list price. Once again edited by King Kaufman and Cecilia M. Tan, the book features comments for close to 2200 players (over 150 more than the measly 2000-something that appeared in last year’s edition), essays for all 30 teams, and a meaty list of baseball’s Top 101 prospects provided by Jason Parks and other members of the BP prospect team. BP2013 also includes additional essays by Colin Wyers and Russell Carleton, as well as a foreword by Houston Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow, who (as you may have heard) is not unaware of our work.

The official Amazon release date for the book is February 25th, but just as in previous years, we expect the paperback to start shipping as much as a week earlier. BP2013 will also be available in all ebook formats—iBook, Nook, Kindle and more—as well as via iPad/iPhone/Android apps (but not PDF). The Kindle edition, which is also available for preorder, is currently listed at $9.99, and the apps will be available either at the same time as the book or shortly after its release for a price that is still being determined. Last year, we heard some complaints about slowness and wonky formatting in the Kindle-App-iPad versions, but with new software in place, the experience is expected to be much smoother this time around.

The Top 101 rankings (without the comments included in BP2013) will be available on the site after the book starts showing up on your doorsteps and digital devices.

The PECOTA weighted-means spreadsheet will be released to subscribers through the site no later than February 25th no later than February 11th, though we’re aiming for earlier. Projections and comparable players will be made available on the player cards at the same time, and percentiles and diagnostics (breakout, attrition, etc.) will follow shortly after. Manual entry of Depth Chart data will also be completed on or before the 11th, so PECOTA's rate forecasts will be combined with the playing-time projections of MLBDepthCharts' Jason Martinez.

Fantasy Subscriptions
We plan to start accepting fantasy subscriptions on February 15th. As a reminder, fantasy subs cost $19.95 and give you access not only to all of our fantasy articles, but also to the PECOTA projections, Depth Charts, Team Tracker, Player Forecast Manager, Scoresheet Draft Aid, and our sortable statistics and player cards. Our lineup of fantasy articles will be getting a facelift in the next few months, with a number of new series scheduled to run or enter the regular rotation before Opening Day.

We’re all looking forward to the fast-approaching time when we get to start sharing the things we’ve been working on this winter. If you have any questions we haven’t covered here, please email us or leave a comment below.