Good friend Bill Hanstock was watching old baseball highlights on YouTube this morning, just like he imagined when he graduated from college, and alerted us to this spectacular tag avoidance from the year 2009, a year most notable for being the year before every single act of human motion was instantly converted into a GIF. (Here is a GIF of a man sleeping.) Watch this baseball player avoid this tag, and then keep reading to find out the awesome twist in the story: 

Cool stuff, guy. Way to do the splits to avoid that tag. What a nimble act. So who is this physical genius? Why, it's certified Fat Joke Pablo Sandoval!

The play in question came from this game, in which James Loney batted sixth and Matt Kemp batted seventh. The video clip in question came from this YouTube video, which is especially cool if you're a Giants fan because every single play ends with the Giants holding a World Series parade this season. And the alert came from SBN's Bill Hanstock, friend.