Last night, Franklin Morales got a save. Here is what Franklin Morales did: 

  • Enters game, leading by three, with one runner on and one out in the inning; 
  • Gets groundout for second out; 
  • Allows single; 
  • Walks batter; 
  • Showers; 
  • Goes home; 
  • Watches Tosh.0;
  • Falls asleep. 

So how did he get a save? His horse is named Friday!!!

No wait. That's the wrong riddle. He got the save because …

Yes, Morales was actually pitching in the sixth inning, and when the game was called on account of weather, he was given credit for getting the last out of a three-run game. He did not retire the last batter he faced. But he recorded the last out of the game.

There are all sorts of stupid ways to get a save. This is the stupidest way to get a save. We've found the stupidest way to get a save. On the one hand, who cares? I don't care. On the other, baseball is the worst and we should stop watching it henceforth. 

h/t to Matt Sussman