In the first inning of Sunday's Yankees-White Sox game, Robinson Cano grounded into a double play off Gavin Floyd. In the third inning, he worked his way into a 3-1 count. Here's what happened then:

That's an ugly chase, especially in a hitter's count. Cano certainly thought so.

That prompted this exchange between YES Network broadcasters Michael Kay and Paul O'Neill:

Kay: He's got Cano a little off balance.

O'Neill: Yeah, Robbie Cano hasn't had a lot of success off Floyd. He's 3-for-19, which is .157. And you see, this is the only thing when Robbie ever struggles, he leaves the zone. He gets out, he swings at balls. Sometimes you just do not pick up pitchers well. This might be one of those guys that Robbie just does not see the ball well.

Next pitch:

O'Neill: Sometimes you're  better off just not saying anything.