Adam Dunn is usually one of the first players to come up when the three true outcomes are discussed, and his bounce back year on Chicago's South Side has him on pace for the most Adam Dunn-like (or Rob Deer-like) season in baseball history. 

Heading into last night's games, Dunn owned a .215/.362/.530 slash line and led the American League in walks, strikeouts, and home runs. In 312 plate appearances, Dunn had walked, struck out, or hit a home run 62.8 percent of the time, eclipsing the current single-season record set in 2007 by Jack Cust (58.2%).

Despite his reputation for being an all-or-nothing hitter with a great deal of patience, Dunn's highest single-season TTO% (53.0%) only ranks 18th of all-time. Mark McGwire (three) and Cust (two) command the top five positions on the list, and Mark Reynolds (54.7% in 2010) and Ryan Howard (54.5% in 2007) are the only active players with seasons that rank among the top 10.