Earlier today, in response to Ray Bradbury's death, Kevin Kaduk tweeted this:

That links to a very nice short story about humans living on a planet where the sun comes out for only two hours every seven years. The rest of the time it rains. I'm about to spoil the ending, so look away if you must, but the sad part comes when the sun finally comes out and one little girl misses it. Everybody gets to see the sun, play in the sun, stare at the sun, but one girl in a closet doesn't. Super sad.
That's about how I feel when I look at this:
Jeff Clement: -0.5 career WARP
Average of the rest: 16.5 career WARP, with a combined four Gold Gloves, nine Silver Sluggers, nine All-Star appearances, 14 top-25 MVP finishes, four top-five MVP finishes, and only one of them past six years of service time. There have been worse draft picks, probably about a billion worse draft picks, but I'm not sure there's been one that was so entirely surrounded by joy and achievement.