Is there an expiration date for a blooper? Do bloopers go bad if they're not used frequently, or do they gain fullness and flavor if properly stored in a cool, dark place? Does Jacoby Ellsbury bunting a baseball into his face seem any less peculiar to a baseball fan in 2012 than it would have in 2008, when it occurred? Can the 2012 baseball fan relate to a 2008 blooper, or do we merely see it as a relic from a different age, from a different political climate and different economy and different culture? I guess what I'm asking is, do you find this as funny as I find this funny? 

Three funniest parts of this are, obviously: 

1. Ellsbury initially reacting to the baseball exactly as he would react to a bee: Stiffen, put hands up in swatting posture, whoawhoagetawayfrommebee. Ellsbury has bunted thousands of times in his life, and I bet this is the first time he has even bunted a baseball into his head, so in Jacoby Ellsbury's mind it is actually probably much more likely that a bee has flown into his face at just that moment than that a baseball, bunted by him, has attacked him. In fact, are we sure it wasn't a bee? It might have been a bee. 

2. Ellsbury running away. Jacoby Ellsbury is a very fast runner. When he was drafted, and he was scared to go into the big dangerous world, his girlfriend, Jenny, looked him deep in the eyes: 

Jenny: Listen, you promise me something, OK? 
Jenny: If you're ever in trouble,
Jenny: Don't be brave.  
Jenny: You just run, OK? 
Jenny: Just run.

Ellsbury broke up with Jenny shortly after that. Who quotes Forrest Gump, in the year 2005? And acts like she made the speech up herself. I mean, seriously. But he also never forgot what she said. 

3. Ellsbury was not hurt. This isn't a funny thing, exactly, but had he had been hurt this would have been infinitely less funny. So the net result is much greater funniness. 

In conclusion, Jacoby LOLsbury.