"To be with this organization as long as I have, and to feel the emptiness of the fans all these years, and the pain and frustration, it's like we're paving a new road here."
Tim Salmon, Angels outfielder

"They're on a roll. Those guys, they just keep playing. And they keep swinging. Goodness gracious, I don't know if I've ever seen an inning like that. We couldn't get anybody out. They were hitting balls through holes, over –bullets."
Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager

"But it's not a situation like in Boston or Chicago where everyone knows everything about everything that has and hasn't happened in the last 50 years or so. I mean, we're Anaheim. The people on the East Coast are barely even aware that we play games here."
–Salmon, on the Angels long post-season drought

"I was very upset. I wanted to get to the World Series, too. I didn't want to go home. Instead, I guess I have to pack my bags and go back to my crib."
Torii Hunter, Twins outfielder


"I'd tell Bonds and Williams to expand their zone like Musial did, not walk as much; that's what I'd tell them."
Tony La Russa, Cardinals manager, asked who he'd pick between 22-year old versions of Barry Bonds, Ted Williams, and Stan Musial

"We had it with Mark and other dangerous hitters. Sometimes they get involved in the competition. They've got to expand their zone a little bit."
–La Russa

"No. I mean it's hard to ask a man with that much discipline to expand his zone. The more you expand your zone, the better chance you have of making an out because most of the pitches they are already throwing him are probably low-percentage pitches in the first place, and the more you expand your zone, then the lower their percentage for getting a hit."
Dusty Baker, Giants manager, asked if he'd ask Bonds to swing more

"They're trying to mess with Barry's psyche, but you can't mess with Barry's psyche."
Reggie Sanders, Giants outfielder

"Tony's a winner. He's going to do what he needs to do to defend his team. And I'm going to do what I can do to defend my team. We're not out here playing jacks. Know what I'm saying?"
–Baker, on the confrontation between him and La Russa after outfielder Kenny Lofton thought he was thrown at

"He's trying to get in our heads, But nobody gets in my head, man–except my daddy. The name of the game is not to get in somebody's head. The name of the game is to cross the plate more times than they do."


"I have to laugh about the $35. Give me a break, if you really have loyal fans."
Steve Schott, Athletics owner, on criticism that low attendence was due to having the highest playoff ticket prices

"You can't prepare a playoff team. There's a certain randomness to a short series."
Billy Beane, Athletics general manager

"This team did a lot of historic things, and if people can't see that, they're shortsighted, spoiled, fools."

"If they want Billy, they'd have to give me their whole team and some cash besdies."
–Schott, on rumors that Boston might be interesting in aquiring Billy Beane before his contract expires in 2008


"I don't think he's mad, pointing fingers. That's not George."
David Wells, Yankees pitcher, on owner George Steinbrenner after their loss

"I wanted to kill Eddie, actually. My pitching coach was telling me, 'I think he's rushing.' I said, 'Rushing, he's not rushing. This is taking forever.' "
Ron Gardenhire, Twins manager, on pitcher Eddie Guardado nearly blowing a save in the clinching game against Oakland

"What does this say to Selig's argument, that it's all one-sided? It doesn't sound very good for Bud, does it? It proves that payrolls don't win pennants."
George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner, on the success of the Twins and Angels

"They're several candidates: Aaron, (second baseman Todd) Walker, (right- hander Jimmy) Haynes."
Bob Boone, Reds manager, asked to name his team's MVP

"Haynes has had some hard luck, too… He left a couple of games with the lead. He didn't get a lot of support. Elmer (Dessens) did a great job, but I don't think it's close."
–Boone, naming Jimmy Haynes as the team's best pitcher of 2002


"I'd rather back up an All-Star (Jorge Posada) on a team with a chance to go to the World Series than start for a bad team."
Chris Widger, Yankees infielder

"That's the new trend, to have white and young managers. Blacks and Latinos won't have many opportunities from now on."
Felipe Alou, former Expos manager

"I'm not referring to racism, because we've already overcome that, but in the major leagues the trends are cyclical. They come and go."

"We are very pleased to have Thomas Perez signed for the next two seasons. We believe him to be one of the best defensive utility infielders in the league and he has provided some timely offense when he has been called upon off the bench. We look for Tomas to provide the energy and leadership that solid role players have on championship clubs."
Ruben Amaro, Phillies assistant general manager

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