Jeff Mathis, career .196/.256/.309 hitter, career .211/.276/.338 hitter against lefties, was called on to pinch-hit for Eric Thames Friday night. It was the 14th time Mathis has pinch-hit in his career. The previous 13 batters who were deemed less qualified to hit baseballs than Jeff Mathis: 



  • Adam Kennedy (blowout)
  • Garret Anderson (second-to-last game of season, no playoff implications)


  • Reggie Willits (down six, made last out of the game)
  • Garret Anderson (blowout)




  • Bobby Abreu (blowout)
  • Torii Hunter (blowout)

So, with the possible exception of the time he hit for Reggie Willits in 2007, every other time that Jeff Mathis has pinch-hit has been in an inconsequential situation. On Friday, it was with a runner in scoring position and Toronto up by two in the eighth. A consequential situation. 

Mathis flied out to shallow left, according to Gameday. He is 1-for-14 as a pinch-hitter, with a single.