Things at BP have never been busier. We hope you’re enjoying the increased content on the site these days and that your workplace productivity has suffered accordingly. We also hope you enjoy setting aside some time to dig into our in-depth opinions and analysis. However, we know not all of you have hours to read about baseball every morning, and we still want to give you a way to digest the day’s most important developments quickly.

That’s where our new daily content comes in. We initiated this change last Friday; we’ll now be running three new or reworked columns every morning from Monday through Friday: the “Daily Hit List,” “What You Need to Know,” and “Collateral Damage Daily.” Below, you’ll find descriptions of what you can expect from each one.

Daily Hit List
We gave this column a September callup last season, and it earned a starting role. The "Daily Hit List" is equal parts power rankings, summaries of where each team stands on the season, and recaps of the previous night’s games. Every weekday morning, we’ll rank all 30 teams according to our Adjusted Hit List Factor, a league-adjusted version of the Hit List Factor that we calculate by averaging a team’s actual winning percentage with its three Pythagenpat winning percentages from our Adjusted Standings Report.

The rankings, as well as the team win totals, playoff odds, and playoff odds changes over time, give you a good sense of baseball’s balance of power at a glance. The meat of the column, though, can be found in the accompanying comments. Those will be written by Matthew Kory, the author of “Out of Left Field,” who’ll bring his unique blend of analysis and humor to bear in discussing the previous night’s action, as well as any notable ongoing stories or statistical performances. You can read the season's second edition of the Daily Hit List here. Hey, would you look at that: Matt's beloved Red Sox are at the bottom. This could get fun. 

(Note: We're still tinkering with the Daily Hit List layout. A comments section and some other layout and readability enhancements are in the works.)  

What You Need to Know
Daniel Rathman has written “The BP First Take” almost every weekday since last November, but we’re tweaking the First Take’s format for the season to produce each weekday morning’s “What You Need to Know.” “What You Need to Know” will consist of two sections: a significant takeaway from the previous night’s action, and three to five things to watch for in the current day’s games. Today's edition discusses the Red Sox' ominous start to the season. You can read today's edition of “What You Need to Know” here.

Collateral Damage Daily
Corey Dawkins has provided both his comprehensive injury database and his informative, in-depth injury coverage at BP since February of 2010, and that’s not about to change. In fact, you’re going to be getting even more up-to-date information and expertise courtesy of Corey—the only thing that’s changing is the way in which it will be presented. Rather than making you wait two days for the next article of injury updates or forcing you to hunt through our archives to find the most recent item Corey wrote about an injured player, we’re going to give you all of our latest injury information in one convenient location.

Corey will continue to write occasional lengthy articles about season-altering injuries to prominent players. However, his focus will be on “Collateral Damage Daily.” “Collateral Damage Daily” is a list, much like the "Daily Hit List." However, it’s not a list of teams—it’s a list of players. Injured players, to be specific. When a player is injured—whether he’s classified as day-to-day or on the 60-day DL—he’ll appear in CDD. Along with each player’s name, team, position, injury date, roster status, and diagnosis, Corey will include several crucial pieces of information you’ll have a hard time finding concentrated in any other location: an estimate of the number of days the player will miss, his expected return date, the projected impact on his performance after his return, and his risk of recurrence.

In addition, Corey will include a buy/sell/hold recommendation for fantasy owners who need an up-to-date prognosis for their players, plus a comment containing any other relevant information. By default, the list will be ordered by expected return date, so the players who are coming back soon will appear at the top, and the ones who are out for the season will stay at the bottom. However, all of the columns will be sortable, so if you want to sort by position, roster status, or anything else, you’ll be able to do that. In the future, we’ll add even more cool stuff, like expected player and team WARP lost and projected replacement players.

Every weekday morning, we’ll publish the list as a new “Collateral Damage Daily” article. At the top of each edition, Corey will include bullet-point lists of additions to and subtractions from the list. For the additions, he’ll provide a brief blurb about the injury that put them on the list, and for the subtractions, he’ll recap what kept them out and tell you what to expect of them in the future. Those two sections will keep you apprised of the latest injuries and recoveries and let you know where on the list to look for updates.

Until now, when you’ve wanted to find out about injuries affecting major-league teams (and by extension, your fantasy teams), you’ve had to do a lot of Googling—and even after that Googling, you weren’t guaranteed to come away with accurate information. We hope “Collateral Damage Daily” will supply all the injury information you need in one frequently-updated column and that you’ll come to regard it as both a valuable baseball resource and a regular destination during your daily BP browsing. You can read today's edition of "Collateral Damage Daily" here.

(Note: "Collateral Damage Daily" is still in Beta. Not every player has an estimate for days lost and return date, since the values in those fields are the result of automated processes that we're still refining. This should be working smoothly soon, but for now, you can see most of what's in store.)