Update Feb 17: ​Kindle appears to be purchaseable again.  Thanks for your patience.

Update 2:30pm Pac: the Kindle version is now showing pre-order status at Amazon.  We're asking around.

Here are some updates on the status of Baseball Prospectus 2012.

  • Baseball Prospectus 2012 is now available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and in the iTunes bookstore. For all formats we know of, or to learn more about or order the book, please visit our page at

  • Amazon has announced they will be shipping the book on February 18, but we've heard from readers whose books are now shipping and will be delivered as early as February 17.  If you order from Amazon by then, you will probably get the book on or before its official publication date of February 21.  Click here to order the book from Amazon.
  • We generally know very little about's plans but we will let you know if we learn anything.
  • reports that the book is in stock.  Click here to order the book from
  • Books have been shipping all over the place, so your favorite local bookseller should have the book very soon if they don't have it already.
  • We're still looking at a PDF sales channel for the book.  More on that soon.