We have a few site updates to announce. First, the small one: we've installed a new menu bar across the top of the page. It has the same stuff the old one did, for now, but keep an eye on it, as we'll be making some additional changes. You can use the menu bar to quickly get to the Transactions Browser and the Compensation page, just to mention a couple of the features we've released over the past few months.

We've also made a lot of changes to BP comments over the last week.
First of all, the userid under a comment's Display Name is now clickable and will take you to comments made by that user. From there, you can see every comment that user has submitted to the site. You can also visit any comment thread that user has participated in by using the "Go To Comment" button underneath any comment on this page.
You can share your comments–or any user's comments, if you want to refer to something someone else said–using the sharing tools and the short URL in the yellow box.  You can always get to your comments at (so mine are at ).  We know many of our subscribers have invested a lot of time and energy into crafting excellent, informative comments, and that's a great way to give people a look at your work.
You can also search comments. Search your own by visiting the Search page—you can click the rightmost link on the menu bar to get there. To search another user's comments, visit their comments page as above and scroll up to the search form, and you'll have the option to Search comments for user 'username,' as in the image below.
Finally, we've moved some things around on the Manage Profile page and added your most recent comments and comment search to the bottom of that page, as well. Click "manage your profile" in the blue login bar on any page of the site to get there at any time.
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Please let us know what you think, and thanks to Rob McQuown for riding herd on the upgrades.