When Nate Silver walked away from the corner office at Baseball Prospectus to focus on his rock star career in the realm of politics, I stepped in to fill the void left as Managing Partner. I always saw it as a temporary thing, designed to hold down the fort until we found someone better.

That took some time, but I'm happy to announce that I'll be stepping down as Managing Partner, effective immediately, with Joe Hamrahi taking the helm. This will allow me to focus more on creating content (which I'm better at) and allow Joe to focus on running the company (which he's better at). Joe has served as our CFO for some time now, while also serving in the same capacity for a major public relations firm in Manhattan. During his time with us, he's already played a crucial role in several business arrangements for our company, Prospectus Entertainment Ventures, and is also the man behind our incredibly successful ballpark events in Tampa, Kansas City and New York, as well as our parternship and involvement in SABR day.
I'm thrilled to make this announcement of Joe as the new Managing Partner and President/CEO of PEV. It's a time-consuming job that often cut into my ability to provide as much content as I want to you, the readers and subscribers, while at the same time, Joe has already begun some new initiatives that will help to make our future even brighter. So while I take a deep breath, a big word of both congratulations and appreciation to Joe for taking over the helm. I'm more excited for our future than ever, and much of that is because I know that the company is in better hands than it was.