Okay, here is your quick and dirty primer to where you can watch the games:

  • Fox is carrying the AL Championship Series and the World Series. If you have cable or satellite, you should have your local Fox affiliate in your package, check your local listings. If you have satellite but not your local Fox feed, you may be able to request the New York or Los Angeles Fox feed; contact your satellite operator for details. If you have neither cable nor satellite but still have a TV, you can pick it up with an antenna. If you have an older TV set, you may need a digital converter box as well.
  • TBS is carrying the NL Championship Series and both Division Series; TBS is most likely to be in the basic package of any cable/satellite provider. (A helpful tweeter points out that TBS will be pushing one game to sister network TNT.)
  • If you live outside the US/Canada, you can watch the games on You can get for a reduced price of $20. If you live inside the US or Canada, you cannot watch live on – you will still be able to watch the archived games afterward, but you will not be able to watch live.
  • For live, streaming video you need, which is both the best and the worst way to watch a baseball game ever conceived by man. You will not get instant replays, fancy graphical overlays – you won't even have someone changing cameras for you. (You still will get the announcers, however.) You will however have unfettered access to all raw camera feeds from the game, and if you put the right cameras in Mosaic View you can follow a game nearly as well as on regular TV, but you have the ability to really soak in exactly how much is missing from regular broadcast feeds. This only applies to TBS games, so you will not be able to watch the ALCS or the World Series on It costs a princely six dollars.

If none of those options work for you… well, you're in a pickle, aren't you. You can pick up Gameday Audio for four bucks, or you can get MLB At Bat for your smartphone, which includes Gameday Audio on your phone. Sorry, that's the best I can tell you.