MLB Roundtrip with Baseball Prospectus debuts tonight at 11 PM EST.

For those BP readers wishing to hear tonight’s debut of MLB Roundtrip with Baseball Prospectus, starring Kevin Goldstein, Mike Ferrin, and your humble servant (who will no doubt be playing Nick Cravat to a kind of two-headed Burt Lancaster) and yet do not have a SiriusXM subscription, visiting may provide some options. Among other choices, you can register for a credit card-free seven-day trial that will allow you to listen to the Satellite of Love’s 120 channels of music and talk on your computer or smartphone. You can also try a 30-day online subscription, although this one requires a credit card.

I’ve been a subscriber for years and would endorse giving it a try even had they not decided to make me part of the lineup—I particularly like the “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” channel, having simultaneous access to what seem to be three redundant but non-duplicative versions of NPR, and “Doctor Radio,” which resembles the medical and psychological call-in shows I grew up listening to on WABC New York before they exclusively devoted themselves to conservative talk (my Sunday morning ritual as a teenager was to turn them on about 10 AM and listen straight through the end of the Yankees game—you’d get child psychology, something about gardening, and then the ballgame). 

Take this unsought endorsement for what it’s worth. Other things I like but am not paid to endorse: root beer, dark chocolate, the films of Preston Sturges, and Randy Newman.

Finally, this evening we will have a radio show open thread here on the BP blog side in which you can react to what we’re saying , prompt us on additional topics, or discuss how much fun it is to consume dark chocolate and root beer while enjoying Sullivan’s Travels or Sail Away. Looking forward to hearing from you, the all-important chorus, this evening.