Sure there's lots of baseball and prospect talk, but you also get an education on exactly what's going on with the Dodgers from Josh Fisher of, and we talk about television, writing and a certain 2012 draft prospect with Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. I also force my dog to make noises. What else could you ask for? As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 56: "Death Rattle Of A Marionette"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Done fixing your mic there?

2:46 Housekeeping

5:44 Emails!

  • How good are the College World Series champs at baseball?
  • The quiet professor
  • Harper vs. Trout and crowing about Texas
  • Real and fake MPH
  • How you too can become a GM
  • Hate mail from prospect's families and girlfriends
  • Funny scout quotes
  • Helping people work in the banking industry
  • What is that sound?

26:58 Defining the term “ace”

35:37 What the hell is a “legit prospect”?

40:30 Talking about the best shortstop prospects

56:46 Special Guest: Josh Fisher (@dodgerdivorce) of

1:22:27 Special Guest: Mark Frost (@mfrost11); novelist, screenwriter, co-creator of Twin Peaks

1:45:36 Not Jim Tracy on the success of the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates

1:47:33 Musical Guest: Maynard (includes bonus looky-loo discussion)

1:50:03 Worst What Are You Drinking EVER

1:52:12 The Week Ahead

Music is by Maynard, all right reserved.