We have some quick updates to report, so on with the details:

  • 2011 hitting stats are now available on the player cards. Colin Wyers' brand-new statistical framework, including the revamped TAv and VORP that debuted in Baseball Prospectus 2011, runs from 1950 to 2011 on the cards, and with any luck the nightly updates that you're accustomed to will have the cards updated each day.
  • You can now page the Adjusted Standings report day-by-day–look for the garish gold buttons above the report body—and you can download the expanded selection of statistics used to create the report in Excel or CSV format for any day.
  • Sky Kalkman has already posted about the Depth Chart updates that occured earlier today.

We're working on those pitcher numbers, and we'll have additional updates for you soon. Thanks again for your patience.