Friends, it has been fun, but despite what They Might Be Giants said, the engagements are not booked until the end of the world, but only through the middle of this week. If I might get personal for a moment, this saddens me greatly, as when I'm out and about talking baseball with you I can forget everything that's worrying me and just have a good time. Seriously, guys, if you leave me now I might have to start answering casting calls for Broadway musicals. "The sun'll come out… Tomorrow… Bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrow… They'll play two!" With that in mind, I hope that you will come out and talk about whatever is on your mind with regards to the coming season. You have your choice of Tuesday in New York or Wednesday in Princeton, and if like me you're strategically located between the two, you can have both. Just let us know so we can vary up the ad libs for you. Here is the info:

New York, NY, Tuesday, March 22, 6PM
Barnes and Noble
105 5th Avenue (18th Street)
New York, NY
BPers in attendance: Jay Jaffe, Ben Lindbergh, Steven Goldman, Cliff Corcoran, Emma Span, Tommy Bennett

Princeton, NJ, Wednesday, March 23, 7 PM
Barnes & Noble, Marketfair
3535 Us Route 1, Princeton, NJ
BPers in attendance: Tommy Bennett, Ben Lindbergh, Cliff Corcoran, Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe, Matt Swartz

Hope to see you there to answer your questions and sign your book or your cup of chai latte.