As part of the research for an article about the strike zone, scheduled to run tomorrow, I collected information on each pitcher's average pitch location when the pitches crossed the front of home plate. Last night on Twitter, Josh Smolow mentioned that he was writing an article about Derek Lowe and how he's an outlier in terms of least pitches in the strike zone.  That's because Lowe pitches at the bottom edge of the zone, moreso than any other starting pitcher.

I thought this information might be interesting in its own right, but there was no space for it in the strike zone article itself. These charts present the average pitch location, separated by batter handedness, for each pitcher with at least 3000 pitches to lefties or righties from 2007-2010.

Average pitcher location to RHB Average pitcher location to LHB

Here are a few other notable pitchers who didn't make the 3000-pitch cutoff:

Name Batter Horizontal Vertical
Matt Thornton RHB -0.14 2.77
Heath Bell RHB 0.51 2.69
Chris Young RHB 0.42 2.68
Brandon Webb RHB -0.06 2.19
Jake Westbrook RHB 0.19 2.02
Chris Young LHB -0.39 2.83
Barry Zito LHB -0.51 2.73
Tommy Hunter LHB -0.20 2.72
Randy Wolf LHB -0.63 2.63
Heath Bell LHB -0.58 2.62
Brian Wilson LHB -0.62 2.60
Brandon Webb LHB -0.38 2.28
Chris Carpenter LHB -0.06 2.23

Update: The strike zone article is here.