Yes folks, Jason is back, but we take it easy on him by going guest free. Nonetheless, we yammer on for nearly two hours with plenty of emails, breakdowns of the four most recent Top 11 lists, and a quick yarn about StarCraft in Korea. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 34: "Your Refrigerator Is Not Unique"

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Skype Voicemail: kingclipon

Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro: Jason's back

2:50 Housekeeping: Email, twitter, Facebook group, iTunes, all that jazz

4:14 Emails

  • The brutality of getting cut
  • Falling out of love with baseball
  • Explaining the hit tool
  • Defining good height and when tall is too tall
  • Watching minor league games, but not the game itself
  • Baseball scouting and it's equivalency to art criticism

45:10 Arbitration fun with Josh Hamilton

55:03 The curious case of the Rafael Soriano deal

1:01:33 Oakland Athletics Top 11 in Review

1:11:12 Detroit Tigers Top 11 in Review

1:15:21 Colorado Rockies Top 11 in Review

1:22:22 Toronto Blue Jays Top 11 in Review

1:33:11 Preview of upcoming Top 11s

1:35:55 Musical Guest: The Uncertain Sea

1:36:51 What Are You Drinking

1:41:31 Jason's brush with death

1:48:27 Researching StarCraft in Korea

Music is by The Uncertain Sea, all rights reserved.