I've been proud of many things during my first 11 months as editor-in-chief here at Baseball Prospectus. However, nothing has made me prouder than the hard work of all our writers and editors. They care about their jobs and they care about providing our readers with their best work possible, and they have churned out more copy than at any point in our existence.

However, the baseball season is also very long. In fact, I like to say the season never ends in these modern times as the offseason is now really just the portion of the year in which games are not played.

Because everyone here has worked extremely hard and have been putting in even more hours to assemble the Baseball Prospectus 2011 annual, I feel it is only right that they get the chance to enjoy a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thus, we will not be publishing between Thursday and Sunday, so all us here can enjoying some time with family and friends. Of course, if a major piece of baseball news hits, we'll have updates on the blog.

I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend, too, and we'll see you Monday morning.