Why just rage about the Rookie of the Year vote when you can go to the source? In this episode, Dejan Kovacevic, who submitted a National League ballot sans Jason Heyward, joins us to discuss his ballot, his way of seeing things, and accusations of homer-ism. Then, we continue our tour of the off-season leagues with Marcos Grunfeld in Caracas, who talks about the league there and how major league baseball is followed in Venezuela. When just myself and a very ill Jason are talking, we ready plenty of your email, talk about some recent trades, trade rumors and trade reactions, and finish up with an in-depth discussion of Sumo, my new second favorite sport.. Then it's the usual end-game stuff with what we're drinking and an update on our mental states. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 26: "A Westerner, Far Bigger Than He"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro, agenda review, Jason's health

5:11 Housekeeping (Email Us! Join our Facebook group! Nominate us for an award!)

7:06 Communications

  • Jason's 'Professor' status
  • Bidding on Japanese players
  • The business of minor league baseball
  • Finesse arms and the tipping point
  • Can plate discipline be learned?
  • Are some teams better at developing talent than others?
  • The slotting system and the “wrath of Bud”

30:15 Rookie of the Year awards and corresponding Twitter rage

37:46 The Miller and Maybe trades and why they're not suddenly good

49:48 Arguing over the concept of trading Justin Upton

54:05 Discussing the Arizona and Baltimore Top 11 Prospects

1:02:13 Special Guest #1: Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • Why his National League ROY ballot looked the way it looked
  • At the core, did Neil Walker and Jose Tabata deserve votes
  • How this was not a protest vote nor asking for attention
  • Accusations of homer-ism
  • In the end, the final totals look right
  • How criticism in one direction or the other comes with being in the public eye

1:21:31 Special Guest #2: Marcus Grunfeld of Meridiano and

  • Some of the top players this year in Venezuela: Mark Trumbo and Alex Torres
  • The combination of prospects and veterans
  • The popularity of the league in Venezuela, and on Venezuelan players in MLB
  • The most popular players historically and the concept of the Venezuelan shortstop
  • The reality of Venezuela: crime and other issues
  • The Caribbean Series and rivalries
  • A message to our Venezuelan listeners (en Español)

1:40:41 A quick translatoin

1:42:14 Musical Guest: Screaming Females and a thanks to our listeners

1:44:46 Rewarding a listener by talking about Michael Ynoa tall pitchers

1:48:58 A very special What Are You Drinking: debut of the Up and In cocktail

1:51:25 Pop Culture Moment: NHK Television and the joys of Sumo and J-Pop

2:06:04 Jason's mental state and what we're working on.

Music is by Screaming Females from the album "Castle Talk", copyright 2010, Don Giovanni Records.