It's never good to have to make a correction to a correction, but after wiping enough egg off my face to make a triple omelet, let me once and for all set the record straight about the error that occurred in this week's Week In Quotes that was posted on the site Monday morning.

We mistakenly quoted Commissioner Bud Selig as telling the New York Post's Joel Sherman that the Mets needed to hire Sandy Alderson, Major League Baseball's point man on corruption in the Dominican Republic baseball system, or "they should know the first reaction is going to be that they will be giving their fans more of the same."

Well, Selig never said that. In fact, Selig was never quoted in Sherman's column. Those were Sherman's own words and they somehow became Selig's words in our story, which was the fault of the writer, the copy editors and yours truly, the editor-in-chief. Again, I apologize for the error and I apologize for having to apologize twice.

And to avoid any more confusion, you might want to take a look Sherman's column instead of having his words misinterpreted again. With that, please excuse me while I crawl into the nearest hole.