It's our special Post-Season Podcast. After last week's nearly three-hour rock opera, we got down to a more reasonable length despite a podcast record six guests. Following a brief dissertation on the would of baseball broadcasting, a slew of fine folks from the Baseball Prospectus family join us to preview each of the four first-round playoff series, and then Jason and I make our own picks for winner and players to watch out for. After well over an hour of hardcore baseball talks, the funny begins as actor/comedian/write Ike Barinholtz (you might know him best from Mad TV) joins us for Pop Culture Moment to talk about, well a lot of things, from growing up a Cubs fan to the new hipster trend of retro NBA jerseys. It's damn funny stuff. Then the usual goofiness continues with what are you drinking and an 'almost' story from Jason's wedding that can not be missed. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 20: "Val Kilmer On A Bison"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and agenda review

3:14 Housekeeping (Email Us! Join our Facebook group!)

3:57 Emails: Nick Franklin, Francis Bacon, hat sizes, tap tap tap, Ken Burns, Jeopardy!, autographs

17:55 A quick Skype bomb of Marc Normandin on the collapse of the Padres

20:14 Josh Lueke update: The Mariners sent you a letter

25:42 Playoff broadcasts: times and announces (you'll never be happy)

35:58 First-Round preview: Yankees/Twins w/ special guest Jay Jaffe

42:42 First-Round preview: Reds/Phillies w/ special guest Christina Kahrl

48:59 First-Round preview: Rangers/Rays w/ special guest Ben Lindbergh

55:32 First-Round preview: Braves/Giants w/ special guest Tommy Bennett

62:26 First-Round preview: Prediction the playoffs with PECOTA w/ special guest Colin Wyers

68:41 Just The Two Of Us: Kevin and Jason make their first-round predictions

80:48 Not Charlie Manuel on winning in the post-season

82:29 Pop Culture Moment with actor/comedian/writer Ike Barinholtz

  • Growing up near Wrigley Field
  • Adopting a team in Los Angeles
  • Ideal World Series matchups
  • As a Cubs fan, learning to re-hate the Cardinals
  • Mad TV and the WWE connection, and not being Saturday Night Live
  • Just how crazy late night TV is
  • Getting recognized
  • Makeup!
  • Making movies
  • Asking for fantasy baseball advice
  • Ike Barinholtz: What Are You Drinking?

112:25 This week's musical guest: HSR and band names

115:44 Taking a shot at DeKalb, IL

123:39 What Are Your Drinking?

131:59 Cooking With The Professor

133:54 Mental states, what's going on this week and wrapping up

Music is by Human Sexual Response, from the album Fig. 14, Copyright 1980, EAT records.