We are big fans of Twitter here at Baseball Prospectus, as it gives us yet another avenue to interact with our readers and those who share our love for the game that we adore. Our presence in that form of social media has mostly been in the form of our authors (like @Kevin_Goldstein, @Ben_Lindbergh, @cwyers, etc.), who you can find listed in our newsletter daily, though we did have an account created as somewhat of an RSS feed as well. That account would spit out links to our articles so you could keep up with what was going on at the site, but we stopped letting it automatically post months links ago, and the account has sat in Twitter limbo since about mid-season.

We're changing that now though, as the @BaseballPro Twitter account has been brought back from the dead, and with a different purpose than before. While we will still publish links to our articles throughout the day (we promise not to flood your Twitter timeline all at once by dropping every article on you simultaneously) we will also join the ongoing conversation on Twitter from there, and attempt to share knowledge with you in 140 character bursts. It's not quite microblogging, but the hope is that we can give you something else to read outside of just the website as you watch games at home, while also making it a little easier to remember that hey, Colin Wyers is chatting at 1 pm eastern today (in a related story, Colin Wyers is chatting at 1 pm eastern today, October 1, 2010).

If you're on Twitter, give us a follow @BaseballPro. And if you're not on Twitter, start up an account and follow us as well as our authors, because like all of you who come here, we love to talk baseball–being part of the conversation is important to us, and we hope that by reviving our Twitter account, we can help add that much more to it.